testing jobs in bangalore

Bangalore is a well-known city, which is also known as the IT capital of India. This city accommodates a large number if international and domestic firms that are generating numerous jobs for aspirants throughout the world. Various IT giants are planning to expand their business in this city and are investing a large amount of money. So, in the coming years, there would be an ample number of job openings in Bangalore.

testing jobs in bangalore

If you are planning to make your career in software testing, Bangalore has numerous jobs to offer in this field. Besides, the weather, food, people, lifestyle, multi-cultural environment all makes this city worth living and working in. Some of the top most IT firms in Bangalore are:

  • HCL Technologies
  • 3i Infotech
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Wipro
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Accel Frontline
  • Infinite Computer Solutions
  • Infosys
  • Sasken
  • Hexaware
  • Larsen & Toubro Infotech
  • Microland
  • Mindtree
  • Exilant Technologies
  • ITC Infotech
  • Tally Solutions

Let’s look at the details regarding software testing field that is unarguably the well-paid career.


What is software testing?

Software testing is simply a process that is carried out to provide a quality product that is free from a bug or any other issue. It is the process that examines a particular system or program to find out whether it meets the specified requirements of the client or business and produces the desired results or not. There are always the chances that software bugs will exist in any software module. This is not because of the ignorance of the programmers, but because of the complexity of the particular software that is usually intractable. Therefore, software testing is truly essential to eliminate any risk and preventing software issues. Testing is generally done in two ways:

  • Manual testing: It is a testing in which a tester test a software manually without using any script or automated tool
  • Automation testing: Under this type of testing, tester usually writes the scripts and uses another software to test the system
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About software tester

A software tester is responsible for the quality assurance of a system or program. He/she is required to conduct automated or manual tests to make sure that the software created by the developers is free from bugs and can be used for a particular purpose.

Some of the typical work activities of a software tester are:

  • Coordinating with software developers and other teams
  • Identifying business requirements
  • Analyzing and monitoring applications and software systems
  • Performing different types of testing including stress testing, performance testing, functional testing, scalability testing, and more
  • Carrying out testing in different environments
  • Writing and executing test scripts
  • Identifying issues and problem-solving
  • Providing feedbacks and useful suggestions for any improvements
  • Handling multiple tasks at a time
  • Communicating findings or any other relevant details to the concerned department

Required academic background for software tester

In order to start your career in the software testing field, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Holding a Btech, B.E., BCA or MCA degree will increase your chances of getting a testing job easily. Apart from degree, you can also go for some reputed software testing certification course that will help you to learn various aspects and methodologies of testing.

Different types of software testing

There are various types of testing that a software tester may need to perform. Here are some common testing:

Unit Testing: Testing of an individual unit or combination of related units

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Integration Testing: It is a types of testing in which individual modules are combined and tested as a group

Functional Testing: This type of testing is performed to assure the proper functionality of a system as per the specified needs of the organization

System Testing: This testing is carried out to make sure that given software can work efficiently in different environments

Stress Testing: It is performed to determine how system behaves or works under unfavorable conditions

Performance Testing: In order to access the effectiveness of a system and determine whether results are generated within the specified period of time or not, performance testing is performed.

Usability Testing: This testing is mainly done to evaluate the usability of a system

Acceptance Testing: To make sure that the particular system meets the expected requirements of the customer, acceptance testing is done

Regression Testing: \regression testing is carried out after any modification in the system to ensure its effectiveness

Beta Testing: In order to cover the unexpected errors in the system, beta testing is performed

List of top companies offering software testing jobs in Bangalore:

Some popular companies that are offering testing jobs in Bangalore are:

  • CAST Software India Pvt Ltd (www.castsoftware.com)
  • SLK Software Services Private Limited (www.slk-group.com)
  • McAfee (www.mcafee.com)
  • Kilmist Infotech Pvt Ltd (www.kilmist.com)
  • AOL Inc (www.aol.com)
  • Novellus Systems, Inc (www.novellus.com)
  • Tech Mahindra Ltd. (www.techmahindra.com)
  • Client of Globalhunt (www.globalhunt.in)

Salary overview:

Earning of a software tester varies from company to company. The average salary of a software tester in Bangalore is in the range of Rs. 3, 50,000 to 4, 50, 000 per year. Apart from the salary, there are other benefits that may be available for this job profile such as bonus, health insurance and various other perks.

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The alternate career options for software testers

Once you get experienced in software testing, you can opt for alternative career options that you feel can give you much better growth. Some of the best alternative career options available for software testers are:

  • Computer Programmer: A computer programmer is a person who is responsible for finding out any code errors or bugs in a software and re-writing the code in order to ensure its proper functionality. This person usually works along with the team of software developers to create a new software using different programming languages like Java and C++.
  • Business Analyst: Testers usually have a wide knowledge of business, which opens the doors for them to become a business analyst. A business analyst is a person who is responsible for analyzing a company’s business model and coming up with effective suggestions for any improvement in the current process.
  • Web Developer: It is another interesting alternate career option for testers. A web developer is a person who is involved in the development of interactive websites that run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser.


The IT sector is undeniably the most rewarding sector and Bangalore is definitely the top most hub for the IT sector in India. As the demand for IT professionals is rising day by day irrespective of recession or any other constraints, it is assumed that the IT jobs will the highest paying jobs in the coming years. So, if you are really interested in making your career in software testing or any other IT related field, Bangalore is surely the right place to start your job search.

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