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Several searches for top & easy ways to retain great employees, or tips for developing workable employee retention strategies, or different things to do to retain good employees simply states one thing; i.e. companies want to do the best to not let the good employees leave the job. You too would have worked upon several strategies on how to retain the employees, some of which would have worked well, whereas some wouldn’t have. Isn’t it?

Well, this time, here we have few top ways with which you can work upon employee retention. And yes! These are not given by any HR Head or such industry experts; rather these are what employees believe. In a recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder around 1000 employees were asked about the best way for an employer to increase employee retention. After all, asking an employee about what can be done so that he stays is definitely the surest way to retain him. So, have a look at what they said.


Office Culture

Sometimes we walk into a room and suddenly without any visible reason start feeling rather uncomfortable. Now imagine that same situation for your employees but it continues for 8 straight hours and that too for at least 5 days in a week. Providing a safe and fun work environment for your employees is of utmost importance. Not only is this important in employee retention but also helps increase productivity. You need to have a company culture that matches your industry while it engages and motivates your employees and most importantly keeps them happy.

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Training Opportunities

Offer skills enhancement training to your workers, the opportunity to learn more and consequentially grow personally is a great perk to be had. As already iterated, salary is not the foremost in the employees mind anymore. They are more of the belief that grow and learn as much as you can, salaries will follow. Apart from the benefits for employees, the company also advances as the employees learn more new techniques.

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