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“If you haven’t captured the hearts of your employees, they won’t win the hearts of the consumers.” Marilyn Carlson Nelson, former CEO of Carlson Companies.

Tapping and retaining talent in an emerging market like India is of critical importance as organizations look towards building and sustaining themselves in these markets. There are certain facets in employers branding and even employers value proposition (EVP) that have a huge impact on employee job satisfaction, engagement, ultimately increasing organizational commitment and apparently employee retention.

Developing an impressive employers brand is an essential aspect of any corporate strategy. Needless to say, a strong employers branding goes a long way in consolidating the process of talent acquisition.

Why is employer’s branding important?

Employer branding forms the foundation of an effective recruitment strategy and can make a significant difference in winning the war for talent. A strong employer brand aligns with your business, work culture and reputation as an employer. It gives job seekers and candidates a realistic and a genuine insight of working with your company. Effective employers branding assures three things:

i) Attract the best talent by making your brand stand out in a competitive market
ii) Reduce recruitment costs considerably by hiring cheaper candidates
iii) A strong employer brand, of course, ensures employee retention to a considerable extent.

Employers branding through visuals

Time and again it has been proven that visuals tend to have a long lasting effect on the human mind. And so, the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been so true, especially when it comes to employer branding through visuals. While words and context form the foundation elements is establishing a brand identity, visual component infuses life into them. Following three tips for visual branding are explained:

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i. Use authentic photos and videos
ii. Make your culture shine
iii. Empower and encourage your employees to participate

In present times, with the proliferation of the Internet and an increase in smartphone usage, employers branding via video marketing (or advertisements) intends to have a huge impact. Videos enable companies to convey their message more effectively than other means. Almost all organizations across the globe ensure to leverage the power of YouTube to enhance their employer branding.

Data reveals that “job openings with video icons are viewed 12% more than ones without a video link”.

Given a ballpark figure, employers receive 34% hike in job application just by posting a video about their company.

As of May 2016, YouTube reported more than 1 billion users; increase in viewing time is up at least 50 % each of the past three years. For 2015, Cisco said 55 % of all of its mobile data traffic came from video and predicted video would account for 75 percent of mobile data traffic in 2020.

In a nutshell, if a company desires to create a popular brand that has a realistic perception in the eyes of potential employees visual branding should be on their agenda.

What can employer branding videos do for you?

Here’s what employers branding videos can do for an organization:

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#1. Show your people and workplace

Resorting to employer branding videos is one of the best ways to showcase your people and your workplace culture. Do managers look like important people or do you have a very nice swanky office? The decision to spend nearly 9 hours every day within the walls is not an easy one; so, the more you show, the better it is for your future employees.

#2. Showcase your company culture

Employers branding videos are the best ways to showcase your business culture. For this, you can get real-time stories from your employees and make a short video out of it. This way, you will be able to showcase your company culture to prospective employees and of course enhance your employer brand to a considerable extent.

Creating a captivating employer branding video that showcases your people, workplace, and culture, and that inspires future candidates to your mission will be easier if you have done your homework and have a defined employer value proposition.

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