11 Things You Can Do to Get through Difficult Times at work

11 tthings you can do to motivate

We all go through tough times at work. The idea of facing another workday make you anxious. Things have not gone well for a while, and you do not have a clue to make them better. Switching job is not an option. Therefore your only viable choice is to smile and bear it.

How to motivate yourself at work?

11 tthings you can do to motivate
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1. Leave work at workplace

Negative work situation tends to influence another aspect of your life. When you leave the office, try to avoid complaining and gossiping about it. It is a tough thing to do, but it is essential.

2. Make Friends, not Enemies

It is always important to find a new connect with your colleagues and build a friendship. Do not let the disappointment stop you from acting professionally or working strategically to accomplish a greater good.

3. Keep up the good work

Lower productivity and increased absenteeism or shirking your responsibilities will only make the situation worse. Do the best work you can do. Think clearly about the root causes of the issue and if a simple talk can clarify the things then do it.

4. Check your attitude

It is important to keep a clarity on the matter especially when things are not pleasant. “What we think is what we become” – remember this and keep a check on your attitude. Sometimes we tend to colour our perception that makes a negative situation more adverse.

5. Seek opportunities

Most of the time we think what we can do for the job. However, it should be otherwise – what job can do for you. Look beyond the horizon and stretch your wings to find what opportunities you can take on and learn new skills.

6. Uncover Positivity

It is foolish to think that you can turn around every bad situation. Take a step forward and peel the layers no matter how hard it is for you and uncover the positivity. At best you can surround yourself with people who support you.

7. Stop avoiding it

Evading problems that bother you will sink you deeper and your job may suffer as a result. Confronting the problem not only allow you to make the most of your current situation but will also dissolve your frustration.

8. Take Control

Remember you cannot control every situation. However, you can control how you respond. Avoiding an awkward conversation makes the negative situation worse.

9. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude pays in the long run. Take benefit of the things you are grateful for while you contemplate what is next. It is one of the easiest ways to boost your happiness.

10. Stand up for yourself

Often bad situation arises when your boss or co-workers treat you unfairly. It is important to say “No” to ethically unfair talks or task or behavior. However, you can do this assuredly and respectfully.

11. Cast-off Boredom

At times the same kind of job surrounded by same people creates a monotony that may lead to depressing work situations. You can avoid this by setting up some sort of motivational tools for yourself. It could be anything like, writing a journal or creating a short video. Do anything that encourages you to grow in your position.

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Companies Trying their Best to De-Stress Workaholic Staff


A fast-paced life, technology and an increasing job pressure have already started taking a toll on the general health of the people, and the traditional nine-to-five job is all set to take a nose-dive in most of the corporates. But, managers are now concerned that being in the office loop beyond the set working hours can lead to a quick burnout.

Too much workaholic employees are becoming a grave concern for companies, and to fix this, organisations are actively tracking employee leave and holiday that they opt to take during the entire course of their work schedule.

Companies like Adobe, Genpact, PWC, ThomasCook, MindTree and LemonTree Hotels that have practically 24×7 working hours are actively tracking employee leave and holiday usage, offering to counsel and encouraging extra-curricular activities to help them disconnect from their workload.

For example, an employee at a particular organisation who has the habit of always putting in extra hours at work was asked to take leave for a few days by the management. Of late, workaholics are essentially becoming a matter of concern for their employers.

Lifestyle expert Ray Titus says that workaholics become socially and emotionally disconnected because they are too much focused on only one thing. This gradually leads to a cessation in familial connections and has an adverse impact on their psychological and physiological health.

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Pankaj Bansal, CEO, PeopleStrong opines that while every company wants its employees to be productive, workaholics become a ‘liability’ after a certain point. He also said that companies should provide proper coaching to such employees and ensure that they can strike a good work-life balance.

On the other hand, some companies are doing just the same. At Thomas Cook India, employees’ attendance is always being monitored and staff who are seen to be putting in extended hours at work, are being counselled, though not a mandate. On the other hand, the company also does not allow leave accumulation and makes sure that employees consume a maximum of their leaves by the end of the year.

At Genpact, managers keep a close eye on team members who tend to overwork and encourages them to take regular breaks. Genpact’s ‘Fun at Work initiative sees many employees getting involved in games and other extra-curricular activities.

Psychologists say the cases of workaholics are on the rise. According to Ekta Soni, a psychologist and a psychiatrist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Delhi, it is when this severe stress results in physical manifestations that people turn to professional help.  She says that to deal with work stress, a complete digital detox is essential such as a yoga session or a minimum 30 minutes’ of the workout.

 According to Adobe’s ‘The Future of Work’ study, released earlier this year, 83% of the 500 Indian employees surveyed said they were happy with their work while 44% stated that they were overwhelmed with it.

 In a survey by travel company Yatra last year, 55% of individuals surveyed said they check work related emails at least once a day while 17% stated that they are hooked to their phones while on holiday.

According to Abdul Jaleel, vice-president, people resources at Adobe, ultimately it all boils down to the concept of employee experience. The company has adopted a progressive policy of offering sabbaticals to its employees who have completed five years with the organisation. The ‘off ’ time increases in direct proportion to the number of years an employee completes at the organisation.

In an urge to make money and lead a life of luxury, several professionals are turning into workaholics which is ultimately affecting their health. Therefore, every organisation should consider treating their workaholic employees with much concern.


Source: Times of India

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CareerBuilder India: Confluence 2016

CareerBuilder India Confluence 2016

November comes And November goes, With the last red berries And the first white snows” – Clyde Watson

Yes, the autumn month of November does come and go, bringing along with it red berries and white snows. While this November could also have passed by like any other, but for CareerBuilder (CB) Team India, it will always remain special.  The events of the month will linger in the memories of CB Team India for eons to come.

Team India held its annual meet titled, Confluence 2016 from November 10th to November 13th at Kerala—the land of beautiful back waters, azure lakes and of course spices. The event was a mix of fun, leisure activities, some business discussions, competitions and of course revelries.

Zuri Hotel was the host for the event and gave Team India a grand welcome. Located right beside the Vembanad Lake, the property was class apart, with most of the cottages and rooms overlooking the lake. Needless to say that the property succeeded in recreating a ‘mini Kerala’ with the manicured lawns and trees all around.

Day 1: The first day, witnessed the arrival of Team India followed by a lavish lunch. Leisure activities like boating and chilling at the poolside were some of the  activities were thoroughly enjoyed by the employees. A karaoke party along with drinks was slated to take place at the poolside in the evening. Employees tried and tested their skills at singing at the karaoke evening while sipping on the drinks and also shaking a leg along with it.

Day 2: Second day’s event started off with a business discussion by the heads of the organisation followed by employee presentations. The employees were divided into six living groups and were given certain tasks to complete, upon which they were ranked. The first was analyzing a case study and coming up with their presentations and in the second task, a case was given impromptu, which was to be solved and presented by each group.

The best living group in each category was given Amazon vouchers worth INR 5000/- each.

CareerBuilder India Confluence 2016


In the first task, each group presented their case studies accordingly; some were good while some were average. Some were engaging, some not so engaging. But what drove the overall exercise was the spirit with which each team performed. Energy, excitement and enthusiasm exuded in each member of the groups.

Before the sunset, the CB Team India, embarked on a Backwater Cruise in the azure waters of the Vembanad Lake. Revelry spirits could not be curbed as employees indulged in casual jigs along with chilled beers and music being played at the background.

Post cruise, the evening was slated for a DJ night where each and every employee took to the dance floor and unleashed the Michael Jackson within them. The same conference room was transformed into a dance floor with psychedelic lights and a bar where everyone indulged in some merrymaking. The same evening observed the achievers of CB Team India for the year 2016 being honored with prizes.

Once the event was over, all hit the dance floor again. Everyone danced till they dropped and the night finally wound up with a lavish seven course dinner.

Day 3: the next day, – post breakfast, saw the living groups being given an impromptu task where the members posing as CEOs of CB, had to come up with a concrete plan in order to ensure more business and growth for CB. The task witnessed much nerve wracking and brain teasing on the part of the members of each group and finally coming up with their ideas. Presentations based on the activity gave an interesting insight into business ideas and of course the team spirit. Some presentations were truly noteworthy while some required some more efforts. Nonetheless, the second session of presentations equally showcased the team spirit of each member and of course their commitment towards assigned tasks.

Post lunch the living groups took part in the Kerala Boat Race competition. The six groups were clubbed into two and they took part in the boat race competition at the water body within the property premises. Each and every member took up on them the responsibility for the job and executed the same with utter perfection. Team spirit and a competitiveness was evident here as well. Finally, at the end of the relay, the winning team took away the trophy.

On the final day of Confluence 2016, the coordinators organised a cultural evening with Kerala Theme Party. The event required the employees to dress in the traditional Kerala Mundu attire and assemble at the banquet hall where a cultural program was organized. Danseuses performed traditional dances like kathakali and koodiattaym. A short performance of the traditional martial arts kalaripayuttu was also showcased by professional dancers. After a gala dinner, every one assembled at the banquet hall where the winners of the living group presentations were announced. The winning group received gift vouchers worth INR 5000 (for each member). Finally, the event came to a conclusion after a small JAM session. Individual gifts were also given to each and every employee of CareerBuilder India.

Next morning, after breakfast, CB Team India bid goodbye to Kumarakom and left the Land of Spices with a heavy heart, looking forward to the next Confluence.

November 2016, was after all a memorable month for CB employees, not for red berries and white snows—but definitely for some red wine and the bright autumn sun.

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Work Stress? Let Spirituality Work For You @ Office

Work Stress

I have finished all my tasks but I am uncertain how the results would turn out. I do not know how should I maintain my composure when a challenging situation arises, I feel I am too much occupied by my personal problems, which are pulling off my creativity and productivity.

Be it happiness or work stress, the mental state is not the consequence of any external factors. It only remains a mental state. So, when your anxiety levels are shooting up like never before and your depressed mental state is affecting your work productivity that is the point at which you need to take a stand and take control of your mind.

Say No to Work Stress, Welcome Spirituality at Work

Sounds strange, crazy and informal?

Work Stress
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Being spiritual means connecting yourself with your soul, which is also the divine power within ourselves. How can you bring spirituality at workplace?

Blend Discipline with Focus

No achievements are ever made without a focused mindset. A mind that has a goal never loses out its focus regardless of any external factors, whatever they may be. As Sri Krishna in Bhagwat Gita says, “When you find your goal to be moving away, don’t change your goal, change your strategy.” Apply this advice as a thumb rule into your daily working life. There will be times when you will feel yourself let down, unmotivated, unappreciated. Do not consider yourself as a loser. Instead, by bringing discipline to your focus, fight with every negative emotion and situation coming your way like a warrior who never accepts failures. When you know your goal, and follow it in a disciplined manner, nobody can snatch your creativity, which would be coming out straight from your focused mind.

Good Morale

Workplace is the second home of employees who come from different cultures, backgrounds and also incorporate diverse natures and behaviours, which are hard to change. You don’t know them, but you know yourself. Believe in that. Self-belief becomes a magical tool when you need to face diverse people whom you may or may not like at workplace, some of them could be jealous, some may want to bully you, or some simply might be trying to take your kindness for granted. When you know you can’t change the world, all you can do is, maintain a good morale and add a sense of harmony into your mind first. This will reflect in your daily nature and the positive attitude will eventually cut off all the negativity hampering your mind or work. Set your check-list, sign-in and sign-out on time, learn to ignore and visualise results in your life.


Change has never been grasped eagerly by everyone until it is compelled. However, when you are practising spirituality at workplace, you will soon realise that all your hindrances are self-created due to which things might not have been happening the way you anticipated. Accept changes are inevitable be it in a person or in your life. Instead of appearing confused and depressed, become emotionally strong to accept the changes taking place in and around you at work.

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Your internal potential and your wisdom can stream through your mind wherever you work, in whichever field you work. Let not make the hindrances or negativeness leading you into a situation where you are working as a victim and not as a self-leader. Know that, before you control others, it is important to take control of your own mind. Once it is ruled in the right direction, all the other issues at workplace vanish away like they never existed.

Assuming you are a dedicated employee of an organisation- HR or a Brand Manager. Would you not like to inhale and spread these spirituality tips across other employees to make a workplace of great culture? As an HR, offering spiritual lessons to fresh graduates or even the senior most level employees could turn out to be an effective employee retention strategy. As a leader of your organisation, or job, comprehending the value of spirituality at work can help you reach heights in your career.

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Self-Employee-Retention Practice – The Role of Employees


We often talk about the role of employers in retaining talent through best employee retention practices. And, one of the best methods to retain talent in any organization is providing employees with ample opportunities to maintain work-life balance.

But, have we ever seen the other side of the coin? Have we ever talked about employees’ own responsibility in maintaining their work-life balance or employee retention?


Understand Your Responsibility

Certainly, being an employee you also have a responsibility towards maintaining your own work-life balance despite the fact that the core responsibility is from employers’ side. It takes two to make a quarrel! Therefore, no heavenly plan sees success until everyone participates enthusiastically.

To understand it in a better way that how employees are responsible for their own good work-life balance, time management is really crucial. Those who always have a lack of time management skills at work suffer peace of mind and lack a good work-life balance.

How to Recognize What’s Wrong?

How to recognize that you own lack of time management skills through your own actions at work? Probably these points would answer your query about rating yourself to know whether you have a good time management skills or bad time management skills.

  • Despite a moderate task, you fail to deliver it on time.
  • You spend enough time on social channels and entertainment website – Facebook, Youtube etc.
  • You take long breaks.
  • You love gossiping at work.
  • You attend lot of personal phone calls.
  • You take things for granted until you find a huge pile of work.

Considering the points mentioned above, you must have known the facts about how much you are able to maintain your time in your professional life. Even, if you own 1-2 habits out of the 7, you are prone to suffering from a bad work-life balance.

Freedom at workplace provided by your employers must not be affecting your work through your own actions occupied with negligence. If you are misusing the cool work environment of your workplace, you cannot manage you time. On the other hand, you are not enough managing your time you cannot maintain a good balance between your office and home.

The best cure to a bad time management is to utilize your office timing in completing the task first, and further anything and everything. It would not only give you full time to spend with your family at home, but you will be able to find extra time for improving your other skills at work. Moreover, it would help you cut down the stress level. Better it should be called as “self employee retention” rather solely considering it “employee retention”.

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Tips for HR – How to deal with ‘Employee Emotions’ at Work

For any organization, an efficient team of Human Resources (HR) is paramount to work as the foundation of a successful work environment. Every organization requires HR to build a good team of working professionals. The role of HR goes much beyond than simply hiring the best talent. There are multiple challenges for HR professionals that they have to deal with by keeping their best foot forward. But, dealing with human emotions at work is one of the biggest challenges for them. Understanding different employee emotions means going deep inside into their psychic to make them feel at comfort in the organization.

According to Robert Plutchik’s Theory, There are 8 Basic Human Emotions –

  • Fear
  • Surprise
  • Trust
  • Anger
  • Joy
  • Anticipation
  • Disgust
  • Sadness

The most negative and critical emotional flows in any organization are – fear, anger, disgust and sadness. The reason of these emotional flows in employees is/are either because of their personal problems or/and issues at the workplace.

Some of the personal issues an employee faces could be due to his/her health, family, commuting, etc. Some of the issues that employees face at their workplace could be late working hours, lack of coordination with colleagues, rude managers, work-pressure, huge targets, etc. These conditions lead employees towards different kinds of emotions flowing around them.

Both types of issues could end up making employees feel distressed, annoyed, frustrated, confused leading to reduced productivity.

Here Comes the Role of HR Leaders. What They Can Do Exactly?

The HR department must first try to comprehend the exact cause of negative emotions flowing inside the mind of employees, which are hampering them or their productivity. Then, should welcome the emotions for a better management; handling of which needs to be done with utmost care.

Following are some of the tips that are related to human resource management system that would help dealing with employees and their emotions in a better way:

Understand Employees’ Behavior

By considering the body language, types of words, tone, facial expressions, HR can better judge the emotional situation of employees or read through these acts how emotional the employees are. For example, if the HR team finds an employee who is sad or quiet for couple of days or doesn’t like to talk at all, the team must ask the employee to personally meet and listen to the reasons of his/her grief. It would help the employee to get over it and support him/him emotionally. Sometimes, an emotional support does the magic to recover from the negative emotional condition. To certain level, we all can predict the emotional situations of individuals through their behaviors. For HR, it is not a big deal as they are trained in that manner. HR can better judge the employees’ feeling through such signal (sadness).

Understand Employees’ Personal Issues

It is often noticed that employers are not concerned or take the personal problems of employees seriously. One of the responsibilities of professionals who are associated with human resource management system is to sympathize with those who are hurt or having some personal issues. For example, if any employee has lost someone close or one of his/her family member is critically ill, HR must recognize it. They must not expect what he is expected to perform and give some time to get over it so that he/she can resume his/her expected performance.

Understand Employees’ Trigger Points

HR must understand the triggers that are resulting into those negative emotions. HR needs to understand what situation or issues are causing them. They must refrain themselves from pre-judging their employees. As nobody is perfect, employees lose temperament. It often happens at workplace. HR must understand it and try to refrain saying what heats up the conversation. They must try to let the employee calm down and think whether his/her anger has done anything good to him/her.

Find Employees’ Strengths

Once HR is able to understand the reason of negative emotions due to workplace issues, they can bring positive changes at the workplace. HR managers must reach out to every employee by listening to the issues or emotions they are going through, finding their strengths and working to resolve the complexity in their working life. Sometimes, it would help avoid the flow of negative emotions before they actually happen due to lack of motivation, poor work environment, etc.

Keep Communication Sensible

Actions at workplace lead to several different emotional responses. People can irritate, frustrate and hurt their colleagues. Individuals sitting at top levels can hurt feelings of employees through thoughtlessness and insensitive behaviors, unaccommodating policies and practices, poor management, unfair decision-making and uncooperative expectations. Whenever sending any mail or communicating with any employee through phone or in front of him/her, be attentive with the usage of words. HR must envision the kind of reaction they would get after that. They should reframe their message in a clear and positive manner.

The above-suggested points would help HR for creating a positive workplace and improving the productivity as well. If HR understands employees’ different emotional conditions and the reasons for the same, they would be able to run the organization in a better way.

Hope you enjoyed reading this infographic. Please feel free to share your feedback with me@VikashThakur10


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Beating Workplace Stress: At Office and At Home

Beating Workplace Stress: At Office and At Home

Stress has become a part of every employee’s life. It isn’t just affecting productivity of one but is also demotivating other employees. To get rid of this, here I am sharing few tips which can help you during work hours and few for home; adopt these and notice the change in your career.

Beating Workplace Stress: At Office and At Home
CareerBuilder_Beating Stress at Work & Home

How you can beat stress at office?

Here are few quick fixes, which can instantly lift your mood and make you stay away from stress:

  • Smile: Trick your mind and convince it to be happy. Take often breaks from work to appreciate someone and make them smile after all even research says happiness is infectious.
  • Give a makeover to your workstation: Clear your workstation and give it a little makeover. This is also a great mood changer.
  • Be friends with your colleague: Having friends at work benefits in venting out all your work frustration. Discussion with work friends helps in finding solutions to work issues; it even helps in concentrating on work commitments. In simple terms, you always need friends to lighten up your mood.
  • Keep your water bottle besides: Always keep yourself hydrated to stay away from mood swings. Staying dehydrated also initiates negative mood.
  • Learn a new skill: Learning a new skill will benefit you in a lot of ways. It can improve your work memory, verbal intelligence, as well as language skills.

 How you can beat stress at home?

After almost 54 hours of working in a working week of 6 days, getting stressed on the 7th day is pretty obvious. /but so you stay away from this obvious stress by adopting yoga routine every morning. Here are few yoga poses, doing which can help you stay energetic and full of liveliness:

  • Tadasana (Mountain Pose): To relax back and chest muscles.

How to do this?

Stand straight with feet hips-width apart. Slowly take the hands over the head, keeping palms forward-facing. Breathe in deeply and gently bend your body backwards.

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog): This asana helps in beating anxiety & relaxing mind.

How to do this?

Stand straight and inverting your body in V position with hands outstretched in front (fingers grounded on floor & pointed forward), hips raised, and feet grounded (hips width apart). Stay in this position for 30-40 seconds while breathing in & out calmly.

  • Balasana (Child’s Pose): This asana makes you stress free like a child

How to do this?

 Kneel down on the floor with knees hip-width apart. Exhale and lay the torso between the thighs and bring the forehead down while resting the arms alongside (palms up).

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Beat Stress at Workplace- Make a Smart Move!

Beat Stress at Workplace- Make a Smart Move!

Is the work related stress spoiling your personal life and thereby your mental peace? Do you wish to unwind but find yourself helpless and occupied with work pressure? Stress is one of the most elusive rivals for most employees. Inflexible working hours, long-distance commutation from home to office, job insecurity, unending demands of the boss, all take a toll on the psychological, as well as, physical well-being of an individual. In extreme cases, people tend to get driven into alcoholism, high blood pressure, heart diseases, or any kind of mental sickness. There is hence, just not one reason to address work related stress but the illnesses caused by it are infinite and need to be fixed.

Beat Stress at Workplace- Make a Smart Move!
Beat Stress at Workplace- Make a Smart Move!

The latest American Institute of Stress research reveals that work stress is accountable for 550 million leaves by employees every year and $80 billion loss in productivity. This is because, failure to identify the cause of stress can result in irritability, sleeplessness, muscular-tension, heart strokes, and depression.

Measuring the Work Related Stress

Recently, a U.S. organization with good repute conducted a survey, which was targeted at identifying work stress factors and consequences of the same.  The report revealed that work related stress leads to 120, 000 deaths every year. One of the biggest factors contributing to this number in deaths was high demands at work, followed by disturbance in personal life and overall health. Also revealed is the research that says, stressed out employees sleep 20 minutes less than other employees, gain more weight and work injuries, which is not a good sign of personal and professional growth. However, stress due to work is something that cannot be overlooked and must be dealt mindfully.

Implementing Smart Moves to Beat Stress at Work

Some employees feel that people with managerial positions are more stressed. Fallacy! The fact is every employee reacts differently to different work related issue be it his job role, work pressure, work culture, work timings etc. However, employers, recruiters, and HR managers play a vital role in this entire scenario and can implement smart moves to ensure their employees are happy and less-stressed at work.

Enlisted are the top 3 tips for employers, as well as, for employees to beat stress at work.

For employers to keep their employees stress-free, the key is to ‘balance’.

What employers can do?

  • Provide flexible timings
  • Provide work from home benefits
  • Reduce reporting times
  • Introduce fun and engagement activities at work
  • Induce vacation policies
  • Motivate them with rewards benefits
  • Offer health care memberships
  • Induce skills learning sessions

What employees can do?

  • Set realistic goals for themselves and avoid excessive competition
  • Learn to relax during short intervals. Studies say that just 15 minutes of quiet meditation can decrease work stress and enhance endurance levels.
  • Treat their body the right way by intake of fresh fruits in the regular diet.
  • Not taking work as pressure in the mind. Only take it as a task to be performed with the best efforts
  • Ask for flexible timings of work
  • Speak up whenever anything goes wrong instead of keeping it inside
  • Be prepared to take criticism lightly. They must not take stress of what the boss says but take it as a part of work life.

Beating stress at work does not mean changing the entire lifestyle overhaul. Start with making the little changes in your work life that will lead to bigger differences in your personal life. A lifted morale can help employees to deal and beat the work related stress and achieve their career dreams without fail. Recruiters must not invest time in scouting the best talent but find out employee retention strategies, one of which is providing them a better place to work.

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