Work Stress? Let Spirituality Work For You @ Office

Work Stress

I have finished all my tasks but I am uncertain how the results would turn out. I do not know how should I maintain my composure when a challenging situation arises, I feel I am too much occupied by my personal problems, which are pulling off my creativity and productivity.

Be it happiness or work stress, the mental state is not the consequence of any external factors. It only remains a mental state. So, when your anxiety levels are shooting up like never before and your depressed mental state is affecting your work productivity that is the point at which you need to take a stand and take control of your mind.

Say No to Work Stress, Welcome Spirituality at Work

Sounds strange, crazy and informal?

Work Stress
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Being spiritual means connecting yourself with your soul, which is also the divine power within ourselves. How can you bring spirituality at workplace?

Blend Discipline with Focus

No achievements are ever made without a focused mindset. A mind that has a goal never loses out its focus regardless of any external factors, whatever they may be. As Sri Krishna in Bhagwat Gita says, “When you find your goal to be moving away, don’t change your goal, change your strategy.” Apply this advice as a thumb rule into your daily working life. There will be times when you will feel yourself let down, unmotivated, unappreciated. Do not consider yourself as a loser. Instead, by bringing discipline to your focus, fight with every negative emotion and situation coming your way like a warrior who never accepts failures. When you know your goal, and follow it in a disciplined manner, nobody can snatch your creativity, which would be coming out straight from your focused mind.

Good Morale

Workplace is the second home of employees who come from different cultures, backgrounds and also incorporate diverse natures and behaviours, which are hard to change. You don’t know them, but you know yourself. Believe in that. Self-belief becomes a magical tool when you need to face diverse people whom you may or may not like at workplace, some of them could be jealous, some may want to bully you, or some simply might be trying to take your kindness for granted. When you know you can’t change the world, all you can do is, maintain a good morale and add a sense of harmony into your mind first. This will reflect in your daily nature and the positive attitude will eventually cut off all the negativity hampering your mind or work. Set your check-list, sign-in and sign-out on time, learn to ignore and visualise results in your life.


Change has never been grasped eagerly by everyone until it is compelled. However, when you are practising spirituality at workplace, you will soon realise that all your hindrances are self-created due to which things might not have been happening the way you anticipated. Accept changes are inevitable be it in a person or in your life. Instead of appearing confused and depressed, become emotionally strong to accept the changes taking place in and around you at work.

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Your internal potential and your wisdom can stream through your mind wherever you work, in whichever field you work. Let not make the hindrances or negativeness leading you into a situation where you are working as a victim and not as a self-leader. Know that, before you control others, it is important to take control of your own mind. Once it is ruled in the right direction, all the other issues at workplace vanish away like they never existed.

Assuming you are a dedicated employee of an organisation- HR or a Brand Manager. Would you not like to inhale and spread these spirituality tips across other employees to make a workplace of great culture? As an HR, offering spiritual lessons to fresh graduates or even the senior most level employees could turn out to be an effective employee retention strategy. As a leader of your organisation, or job, comprehending the value of spirituality at work can help you reach heights in your career.

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“Build Your Own Job Satisfaction”, Shares Madhav Vamsi, Campus Head (HR) @ Flipkart


In discussion with CareerBuilder, Mr. Madhav Vamsi, Campus Head at Flipkart, shared some virtuous knowledge with us about ‘How to Build Job Satisfaction & a glance at some amazing strategies that can help job candidates build their careers with their heels and head high.”

Excerpts of the discussion with Mr. Madhav Vamsi, Campus Head (HR) –, Bengaluru

“Are you your JOE (Job Optimizing Engine)?”

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Data says – “Whether you love your job or not, you’ve probably given at least some thought to your next career move.” And yes, we make the same mistake(s) like ever while searching for a job. With so much research, content, wisdom and knowledge available around us, the expectation is to optimize time & search for the next big opportunity. However, most often these are those simple, small, minor avoidable mistakes standing between you & your career.

A job means different things to different people. For a few, it might be a means to pay bills while they pursue their interests through other means and the list goes on. I’m not the type of person who says that your professional life needs to look a certain way.

However, if a job means the following for you, then move ahead with this article.

What is a Job?

  • It is part of your life & not life itself (My apologies to all the workaholics who thought otherwise) – Work is about a search for daily meaning as well as daily bread – very basic
  • It is a means for creating & building a meaningful life – very basic
  • Therefore, my attitude, behavior, values, education, job 1 + job 2 defines my career & life both – basic but we strongly do not introspect (What comes first- growth or job?)
  • The means by which we trade our skills, talents, and passions and bring value to someone else & ourselves as a means to earn money.

Believe me when I say that you have control over your job satisfaction.

What if I told you that your job satisfaction is totally dependent on you (refer to point 3) & that every job or career opportunity you have from now until the day you retire can be fulfilling and rewarding financially as well as emotionally? It is totally possible with the right set of attitudes & behavior – do not worry much around skill! – Introspect (Are you healthy – Your productivity – Your ambition – Who are you/your self-awareness)

Read out the checklist of things which might help you better your future job searches.

Crisp Resume- I am not a big believer of resume, but I am part of a democracy & the 1st step for any job search continues to be a resume.

Make it concise – (Make it into 1-2 pages only – analytic’s say an employer spends 30 secs typically per resume)

Avoid templates- (Ctrl C + Ctrl V)

Be Honest- (Super important- include only those things which you could back with data – refer to point 3↑)

Emphasize accomplishments- (Key Achievements/Personal Traits/Awards & Recognition/Your Favorite book or Your Hobbies)

We are all creative– However, avoid too much design, over index or use creativity on content (say action verbs) & less on design

Don’t lie on your resume – (refer to point 3 ↑ values)

Focus on what makes you special

Update your LinkedIn profile – social profiling is the new hiring trend and employers want to know you beyond your resume – invest into a digital presence, we are in the world of populated digital natives. Don’t forget, LinkedIn is a very powerful tool – it’s more than an online resume

Proof read your profile- (resume/LinkedIn profile) – get few of your colleagues to read your profile too

A job never comes to us- Knock the door – be proactive – make your list of 10-20 employers you would want to work with.

Broad base your Sources– Whether you recently lost a job or are ready to jump ship from your current one, the chances of you getting a new position through the job postings ads is next to nil.

Invest into networking (KEY)- No limits here- your friends, parents, ex-colleagues, teachers, it’s a fair game to enter for your next job pursuit. Hence it is important you value people around you, respect them & you earn a lot back – do not connect back to them just when you are in need – consistently stay in touch with your network.

Become a Social Net-worker- The world is Digital now – setup your social accounts, it’s a great learning platform, while you learn you have an opportunity to share your thoughts as well.

Get out there– Ask your network how they got their current jobs, or at least those of your network whom you consider are into great jobs/jobs you would love to be part of.

Ask yourself a very basic question– “Did I learn anything new in the past 6-12 months?” – maybe a new skill, a new art, a new something totally unrelated to your job function but which has an impact in the way you think – if the answer is no, then it’s not a good news at all – you don’t want to be that ‘difficult-to-train’ new hire for your next employer.

 You are a Brand: Determine your unique value proposition (Heavy line, but never mind. Ponder on it) What makes you different from your peers; Figure out your value + strengths + your skills + your attitude – your passion. Both your offline & online brand is important. Guys attitude plays a big role, there are a certain set of characteristics that almost all hiring managers find appealing. “Respectfulness” is the most important, for me it earns 5 Star rating, remember in that sprint attitude wins over skills all the time.

Sum Total of U– It’s a great idea to share your psychometric profile with your employer (self-image/work image/stress image) – ever tried subjecting yourself to assessments/tests which throws your profile? (Data & Science is a far more convincing testimonial – remember that).

 Prepare for your interviews – Hiring techniques have changed – while a few employers still conduct biographical or traditional interviews, a lot of firms rely on the importance of structured & competency based interviews measuring behaviors too. Do a few mocks, get someone to ask you questions/ invest into mock interviews- it builds your confidence. Try this question, why did you join your (X) job & what are the reasons to quit that (X) job.

Always Follow-Up– It would be wonderful if every HR rep followed-up in a timely manner. But the reality is, they don’t. It isn’t always their fault. The best you can do is persistently follow-up to find out where they are in the process and if they need any more information from you.

Perception– It is a killer (and a bottleneck). Our ability to follow- up shows our organizational skills, integrity, and most of all -our interest. Do not shy on following up- stop assuming that you would end up looking greedy or too much in need of a job – remember those self-defeating thoughts come from your lack of confidence/ insecurity. (Eliminate guessing)

Finally, be Politely & Patiently Persistent

To sum up, just want to share a line I read in the Accelepoint Webzine-

“Even individuals need to develop a brand for themselves… Whatever your area of expertise, you can take steps to make people think of YOU when they think of your field!

The tips shared by the Bengaluru recruiter at Flipkart can go a long way in shaping out job-seekers, as well as, employees seeking out opportunities in their diverse fields.

Madhav Vamsi HR Head FlipkartAbout the Author

Madhav Vamsi M, is Campus Head (HR) at The talent leader manages all entry level recruitments and takes strong interest in people analytics. Madhav frequently travels to campuses to lead presentations, networking events and conduct awesome coffee chats. The HR blogger has made headlines with HT media & Career 360. Known for his knowledge bank by his ex-colleagues, Madhav keeps outstanding sharing knowledge pieces on his social media platforms.

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Office Politics – But You Have To Shine Like A Moon In The Dark


It is upsetting, it can get untidy, and it channels on your efficiency. Despite the fact that you are a top performer or a kind team member, there will be people over, near, below or around you, who will be trying to cease your happiness at work which becomes office politics.

Happiness could be in terms of your rewards, which you might be receiving from your boss previously, your success in terms of monetary achievements or the way everyone would be chilling up with you. They show they are happy, but deep inside- they are burning high. These are people who are extremely jealous of you. They do not like seeing you growing up no matter their own growth is affected or not. Some ‘political creatures’ like these,  when try to hinder your capabilities to work effectively, it is where you must craft the excellence of conquering that portion of crowd in a subtle way. Certainly it is hard to become seamless in this task, however,  prevention is always better than cure if you want to ensure you live in an organisational culture that is allowing you work the way you want.

How to deal with the office politics?

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1. Keep your head & heels high

Do not take or give any favors to any employee- above, below or around you. Whether it is about offering a free drop or a drink at a casual space besides office. Such favors often turn out to be dangerous, when those ‘political creatures’ try their best to manipulate your image in a wrong way. It is hence, better to be safe than sorry. Act like a watchman who is aware of his surroundings and the home he is protecting. Your work is your home and you should be protecting it wherever you go. Make good connections with associates but do not forget that your own dignity and hard work alone will go a long way not your connections. In times when your connections will go against you, it will only be your self-worth that will help keep your head and heels high.

2. Don’t show all your cards

Talking contrarily about anybody in the face of their good faith can be counterproductive to your own development at work place. We trust them. We gossip and chat. We share our personal lives in good faith but it all goes into vain when the same people turn out to be most unreliable and faith-breaching. Over work issues, people tend to get closer to their work mates and share their views about their boss and other colleagues, which ultimately become the hardest battle to fight at the workplace. When you know this is going to happen today or tomorrow, simply maintain a harmonious relationship and a parallel distance that does not break that thin line of trust and also help you keep your secrets to you. You do not need to share the entire story, things can work with a few words as well. The art to speak concise is tough but extremely important in the political work environment.

3. Fake it till you make it

There are constantly two parts of your work – the real beneficial work that you finish, and what others see you have fulfilled. Abstain from being seen as the ‘focal point of the universe’ or a “chatterbox” at work. Rather, get yourself a skill that will increase the value of your profession, which nobody can play with. Stretch your imaginations towards your actual work and do not let the world know your hard work. Show when you achieve, not before that.

Believe it or not, you are the most important person who can take care of yourself in any working environment. All that you need is a little talent to deal with unknown and unexpected work situations, as well as, people. Becoming your own doctor during this juncture is the way to succeed in your career, creating a harmonious culture around you and prevent yourself in becoming a victim of office politics.

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Music For Work Productivity – The Right Tune Can Make All The Difference


Throughout the epochs, music has had a vast influence on people of this planet. Indeed, the art form has never encountered challenges while stretching its frontiers across thousands of countries and cultures. With a plethora of healing qualities, music has emerged as one of the most effective natural medicines for patients suffering from depression & multiple disorders. Music has indeed played its role being a successful communication medium that has affected mankind in many different ways till date. This hence, makes no surprise why the tech-driven organizations today also want to take a dive into the world of “music for work productivity” as a tool of marketing, employer branding, employee engagement, employee retention and what not. Not just this, music has witnessed high acknowledgement for killing work stress from employees working at startups, mid-sized companies to top brands across the globe.

Music for work productivity – Different Music, Different Effects

The nature of music is such that it influences the listener in unparalleled ways. For instance, tuning into soft music prevents the occurrence of fatigue, improves the mood and maintains a balanced blood pressure. Music with a high pitch such as rap and hip-hop tends to increase anxiety and sometimes ends with loss of control. On the contrary, music that consists of low tempos leads to a calming effect on mind and produces a relaxed mood, helping an individual to deal with anxiety, multiple-stresses and confusions. Studies reveal some of the greatest examples of music. Patients before a surgery, who listened to music reported lower anxiety levels and normal blood pressure. A Norwegian study discovered that medical students who are often accustomed with higher stress levels played one or more musical instruments as a tool of mental healing and experienced a relaxed state of mind. Physicians all around the world have recognized the soothing effects of listening to the right kind of music for patients, which is why it has established itself not just as a popular art form but also a mystical, natural medicine that accelerates moods, well-being and general health.

Mystical Effects of Playing The Right Music at Work

According to Teresa Lesiuk, assistant professor in the department of music therapy at the University of Miami, “Employees listening to music had better ideas and were able to finish off their tasks faster and more effectively.” So, what kind of music actually kills work stress, boosts efficiency, focus and mood at work?

CareerBuilder India presents the three unique forms of music for work productivity employees should listen while working:

1. Epic Music

This form of music is void of any lyrics. Epic music accelerates mood levels to the highest making you feel more energetic. Unlike the music with speech in the background that is known to create a distracting environment, epic music relaxes your brain cells giving an extra boost to your work productivity.

Whenever you are feeling lethargic at work, tune into this music and let your ears tell you the truth behind its influence. Raising the volume is your own choice. This music for work productivity will certainly bring the change in your work pattern.

2. Nature Music

Much has been talked about this form of music in art therapies. Listening to the gentle sounds of waves, birds, air, and rainfall can all leave you with a sensation of relaxing on the lap of nature. When you find work as a pressure, nothing can make you deliver the results.

However, tuning into nature music his juncture can release endorphins, your ‘happiness hormones’, which relaxes your nerves, restores the lost focus, and recharges enthusiasm, ultimately resulting in greater productivity.

3. Ambient Music

Ever witnessed the noise and anxiety created at airports? Ambient music was emerged from the mind of Brian Eno to diffuse the negative feeling creating a mess at airports so as to make the destination and journeys relaxing for passengers. Certainly, people not acquainted with this kind of music before would find it repetitive, dull, and that there is simply no action to it. Ambient music- if composed correctly can actually be intrinsically interesting. It teaches you the art of patience.

Ambient music for work productivity doesn’t throw any high pitch sounds on your head, but rather gives you a space to think. The distilled emotion found in ambient music is highly useful if your job is a creative one. Tune into this form of music to think beyond the box and your imaginations will give excellent results in no time.

The Right Tune Matters

Do not let your mind become a victim of temporary stress arising from high deadlines, work pressures, co-workers, long commute or the minutest of networking issues at workplace. While there is a vast array of other kinds of music that ensure a lasting employee productivity, trying the above ones can bring faster results even on the days you are struggling with morning blues.

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Cool Ways To Ignite Employee Productivity At Workplace

Cool Ways to Make Your Workplace Productive for Employees

In the ancient era, every workplace had a similar resemblance. During 1990s, the kind of furniture used at offices was as standard as the uniform of the working employees. Indeed, this sign of conformity was respected at that time, every office setup looked very serious despite the industry it was into.

All this undergone a transition when computers took over. Where every task was carried out manually, the use of computers changed the way employees began to work. This brought the corporate desks and ergonomic furniture over a period of time in the life of working professionals.

Design of a workplace makes a great difference in how people think, create and innovate. Have you observed how Google manages to retain its workforce with its splendid office design? How smart companies such as Lifestyle India reinforce their culture by offering a creative workplace?

Some of the present day workplaces are designed to ignite creativity, innovation and employee productivity. With innovative office décor trends, CareerBuilder shares some of the most successful ideas to make your workplace more productive.

Cool Ways to Make Your Workplace Productive for Employees

  • Bring Nature to Office

Often offices are created with a setup that involves too much of LED lights. This adds strain on the eyes and disallows an individual to concentrate, type or work conveniently. Too much of everything is bad and the saying goes same for LED lights. Bringing natural light in the work area on the contrary can add more life to the workplace. While, designing the layout of your workspace, keeping this factor in mind is important to ensure your employees do not feel claustrophobic within the unnatural lightings. Allow space for windows, trendy blinds, a few creative artifacts, and artificial plants to accentuate the beauty of your workplace. People are always attracted to nature and bringing it to your workplace is an excellent way to keep the mood, mind and spirit of your employees elevated.

  • Bring Some Music

While, in serious industries such as IT, professionals are bound to work dedicatedly without lacking focus. Adding some inspiring music in the background can bring out the innovation they have never must-have thought before. Music is known to be the greatest stress buster. Stress emerging from work pressure, colleague conflict, disharmony, personal issues all can subside once you bring music to the ears of your working professionals. The only advice is to choose the right form of music. After all, all that you desire is higher productivity, which can only be generated if employees are stress free, motivated and unstoppable with their creativity.

  • Invest in Comfort

Comfort is found where the employees are made to work. Furniture is often the most overlooked aspect when it comes to making a productive workplace. A tweaking chair, an elevated desk, computers instead of laptops, all these can add to discomfort while working in the office for 9 hours. Investing in ergonomic furniture means spending money on the comfort of those who work with you. Ergonomic chairs and desks not just ensure employee productivity, but also good health, less absenteeism, lower attrition and greater results.

Realize that employees invest the maximum part of their day working at their offices. Employers who are seeking out best talent, must not only work towards hiring the best candidates but also working out the best for those already working with them by making the workplace more encouraging. Even the applicants coming for the interview are watching your workplace, the way employees are working, the benefits your employees are enjoying and so on. It all comes with the brand. Make the best use of your workplace and let the creative juices & employee productivity flowing.

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5 Simple Ideas to Make Those ‘Long Commute Hours’ Productive


Waiting for the train. Listening to the same playlist on the mobile phone or iPod. Standing for 90 minutes to 2 hours in the horde of people who will drop down at the same stop. All this contributes to a tiring and unsettling journey to and from workplace. Travel time hence appears like the most squandered time of the day, which is often one of the biggest reasons of employees leaving the job. Stress emerging out of long commute is not just limited to physical fatigue but also leads to mental disturbances, if not cured rightly.

According to a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, individuals conducting longer commutes encounter bigger waistlines, higher blood pressure, and are less healthy over those who work closer to their home.

In the need to work for a great brand or simply career growth, employees- fresher, mid-level or even senior do not mind traveling to far off organizations. All that they loathe the most is the journey which seems painful to them. While, listening to music, reading books can decrease the level of agitation one can have from long commute, it too will leave the individual in the state of exasperation if that is all he or she has to do on a regular basis.  This does not mean, employees are suggested to leave their companies. However, to make that uninteresting and tedious traveling time to workplace more productive, CareerBuilder presents five simple ideas that can easily be implemented.

  1. Set your daily goals

“Successful people start their day by making a checklist of goals they wish to accomplish during the day.” says Thomas Oppong, the author of book the ‘Building Smarter Habits’. You do not need a pen and paper for any manual work. There

You do not need a pen and paper for any manual work. There is a multitude of to-do list apps out there – Evernote and Wunderlist to name a few. You can always drop down your tasks, set alerts, as well as, due dates during the commuting time to the workplace.


  1. Say ‘Hello’ to Loved Ones

Do your friends or closed ones complain that you are the busiest individual they have come across? Clear their perception by utilizing the commuting time and greet them. Socializing is one of the best ways to make your long commute appear like a short one and productive as you are certainly able to unwind while reaching out to your friends, family members or closed ones over the social platforms. All this reduces the amount of stress and tiredness one has while simply sitting/standing idle or just listening to the same music.

  1. Learn by Observing

By simply being aware and more observant while traveling can help you discover a lot of new things, which you might have been missing till now. For instance, taking a glance at what the stranger sitting next to you is reading or listening to. Observe something unique in and around your environment such as a weird individual who is yawning badly, someone yelling on the mobile phone, beautiful women who are gossiping without a pause and things that can keep you engaged. When you will ask yourself, “What did you perhaps learn out of those observances?” the answer could be ‘new engagement’, ‘new way to indulge in joy’, ‘enhanced observing and listening skills’ or may be something better than this.

  1. Clear your e-mail box

If there are pending e-mails which require your responses or even calls, then the best time to clear the important office clutter is while you are on the go. Open your laptop and send greetings, offer letters, client mails, post job ads or others during this time of the day. Morning or evening, the long-travel time will appear too short when your mind would be occupied in doing some important work, which you might not get time for while you are officially at work.

  1. Enroll in a new Language or Course

Did you ever feel like learning a new language or enrolling yourself in a course that could not be done due to your stringent work routine? There are some fantastic apps and websites, which facilitate working individuals with a flexibility to study or learn new courses online. You can hence make your commuting time productive by discovering some new knowledge that you had been long keeping on hold.

These are just a few ideas, which are easily applicable to employees who travel from public conveyance, however, the opportunities are endless. If you are agitated with your long travel time, then choosing either of the options can pave a new gateway for you to enjoy your journey and remain productive in those ‘non-working hours’ as well.

HR’s can certainly note down these ideas and convey to their employees ensuring their headcount does not decrease, employees remain productive and employee retention becomes

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Making Friends at Workplace- An Awesome Way to Stay Productive


According to 2013 Gallup study, “Employees who have friends at their workplace happen to be 50% more satisfied and productive.”

We already know that having ‘no friends’ at workplace can make you feel dull and inactive after a point of time.  Psychologist Ron Friedman in his book ‘The Best Place to Work’ explains the three core ingredients required for having a good friendship at work – similarity, familiarity, and physical immediacy.

Becoming friends at workplace is a matter of self-exposure. In a challenging work environment, where employees are often found to be competing with each other, there are some secrets that can ensure employee productivity without much hard work.

How to increase Employee Productivity?

Img. Src.

1. Start with Non-Work Conversations

According to a research on employee engagement, the more employees indulge in non-work conversations, the more are there chances to become friends with each other. Instead of buzzing about your boss or the stress of an unachievable target, consider starting conversations like what you will be doing on the coming weekend, or may be your latest hobby.

2. Identify your Common Struggle Areas

It is advisable to look for collaborative projects where you can assist or work together with your colleagues. When you both share the same projects, assisting and collaborating with each other to get the work done is an indirect, yet wise way to foster a friendship at workplace. Sometimes, simply contributing rather competing opens up multiple doors of friendship.

3. Throw a Good Laugh Conversation

Not everyone is a mimic or comedian at workplace. However, showing the positive side of yours which could add a gig or simply a smile on faces is an achievement in itself. When we are building friendships with colleagues, ensure you do not pass a negative statement about anyone and people only remember you for those good laughs they enjoy with you.

4. Don’t Run After

People are mostly busy and do not have time to go deep down the hearts of their colleagues. Getting too close within a day is too much of a forced friendship for someone. Give some time to yourself to open up and let colleagues gradually close to you over a period of time.

 5. Dine & Wine Outside Office

This does not mean to just eat, have some drinks and go home. You can even go on a coffee to know more about the person whom want to become friends with. If he is in your team, you can talk about his or her previous experiences, family background, personal interests and so on to identify whether the friendship can go a long way with that person in personal.

6. Evaluate the Friendship

Sometimes you do not realize that you are knocking the wrong door. Despite you being honest in your endeavor to build a friendship, someone else may perceive a wrong notion about you and attempt to take disadvantage through the friendship. At this juncture, it is highly essential to contact the right people. For this, you can always first observe people from the way they work, communicate around and behavioral instances.

 Do not blend work relationship with friendship. Making friends at workplace can be an enjoyable journey if you do not bring your work authority, expectations and competition as a difference. We meet a lot of people at our workplace, neither all are either worthy laughing with nor all deserve to be skeptical upon. Maintaining a balanced approach to evaluate your colleagues and creating a friendship is an ideal way to ensure the enthusiasm, creativity and productivity you desire at work.

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‘Something’s Cooking Initiative’ – Bringing Employees Together Over Food

‘Something’s Cooking Initiative’ – Bringing Employees Together Over Food

Nothing binds people more than a deliciously prepared meal. When it comes to workplace, no festival celebrations, success parties or award events end up without scrumptious food with cocktails being served on the table of corporates. From offering off site activities, fitness classes, to sports events in office, HR teams have been striving hard in the quest to keep employees engaged and happy. Owing to the challenges faced by organizations to keep an engaged workforce, Satish Venkatachaliah came up with a unique employee engagement initiative called, ‘Something’s Cooking’.

Bored of professional meetings and boardroom discussions, this HR expert established a new way of bringing people together in an exciting culinary setting. The idea of ‘Something’s Cooking’, a culinary studio emerged nearly 10 years ago when Satish attended a global meeting at Heidelberg where he witnessed a group of a corporates engaged in a group-cooking activity. The thought-process ultimately showed its face, when the cooking studio by Satish was launched in late 2012. The platform offers team bonding opportunities in a different way than conventional.

Group Cooking Initiatives – How do they help the HR world?

‘Something’s Cooking Initiative’ – Bringing Employees Together Over Food

Following the proverb, ‘Add laughter to taste”, Something’s Cooking was designed with a sole aim to keep the corporate workforce engaged in team bonding and experiential learning activities, that ultimately lead to higher productivity, lesser absenteeism and happier employees. Following the similar trend, HR leaders who are often in the quest for employee engagement can bring forth such ‘group cooking’ initiatives that are not just new, but also innovative, creative and engaging.  They can bring different teams together and allow them cook meals of their choice to celebrate any organizational success or festival.

The art of culinary indeed does not belong to every individual but can certainly restore the enthusiasm to participate, engage, and work as a team amongst workforce. In such a team-building initiative, employees are made to face each other that ensures they are interacting and having the sense of togetherness.

Often observed that new hires especially fresher level employees experience discomfort in adapting with senior or same level colleagues. Communication with other teams is a much tougher task for them. At this juncture, activities like culinary craft appear as ice-breakers for fresher to senior, new to existing employees allowing them to express themselves on a much personal way without any barrier of hesitancy, experience, or age for that matter.

Just like two strangers become best friends over a cup of coffee, a house becomes a home over the mealtime with all the family members, colleagues and bosses can bridge every gap and foster an engaged workforce. Cooking has been the passion for many people, including those who do not bring it to their workplaces. With ‘group cooking’ initiatives, employees can not only put forth their personal passions but can also spread their taste of talent to the corporate world.

Another Innovative Employee Engagement Initiative

Engaged workforce, productive employees, what’s more?

Corporates looking out for a way to create brand awareness or working towards employer branding can put on hold their conventional strategies and take an innovative step to become a winning brand. Employees who are rewarded, motivated, and engaged in an encouraging environment are more willing to stay in the organization for a longer haul. Companies that aim to hire only the best talent can use this strategy to retain their best players by conducting group-cooking activities on special days or planned ones. The location to conduct this kind of team building activity can be in or out of the work site as well. Employees love adventure with work. Choosing a location and setting it up in a kitchen-like environment can revamp employees’ mood to bring out the talent, creativity and potential in them. With such as delightful way to engage employees, you indirectly create a sense of trust amongst your employees which in turn brings the desired results for your organization.

Ultimately, the happiest employees are the most productive ones. Breaking the age-old models and keeping them engaged by bringing ‘cooking craft’ can enhance the headcount, clients, and ultimately the brand name of your organization.

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