CareerBuilder India, Confluence 2016: Team Building Lessons Learnt

CareerBuilder India Confluence 2016

In our previous post on Confluence, the company offsite, we exclusively covered the events and the activities that comprised the whole affair. In this particular post, we will focus on the lessons that we learnt from the whole 3-days’ experience.

All the employees of CB Team India were divided into six Living Groups and were given certain tasks to complete. The unique aspect of the Living Groups was that; members were geographically dispersed. They had to coordinate with each other and then come up with their power point presentations, in the first task.

In the second task, the Living Groups were given an impromptu assignment where they had to pose as CEOs and CFOs of the company and come up with a concrete business plan that can yield substantial revenue for CB.

In the last activity, i.e. the Kerala style boat race, backwater cruise, the six Living Groups were clubbed into two and they participated in a boat race relay.

  cb confluence

Team Building Lessons

Needless to say that, these tasks enabled all of them to take home some or the other life and corporate lessons. Let’s take a look at some of the important team building lessons learnt from Confluence 2016.

#1. Leadership, trust and empowerment

Working together in a remote team set up demands good leadership skills. Trust is another major factor that binds the members together and the liberty to work individually empowers each one of them.

  • Tips for implementation: Trust your team members as a leader and learn to empower them with your leadership qualities. As a leader, have faith and regard for them. The task will be automatically get executed.

#2. Sense of responsibility

Another important lesson learnt is, individual sense of responsibility of each team member. Since each one had to contribute something or the other, members ended up developing a solid sense of responsibility towards the duties that they had to perform.

  • Tips for implementation: If you develop a sense of responsibility towards work, you are bound to taste success. Every professional, whether an executive or a senior manager, must have a sense of responsibility and learn to be accountable for his or her work.

#3. Effective collaboration and communication

The foremost corporate team building lessons learnt from the overall activity was effective collaboration and communication as a team. Since the team members were geographically dispersed they had to collaborate in an effective manner and communicate in the most innovative ways possible. Needless to say that, members learnt how, effective collaboration as well as communication with teammates divided by geographical boundaries, can bind together for a common goal.

  • Tips for implementation: Collaboration and clear communication is essential in order to execute tasks at workplace, especially while working in a team. If communication is not clear, members will fail to collaborate properly and eventually the results would not be up to the mark.

#4. Team coordination


The activities demanded immense coordination between the team members and this was definitely one of the best lessons. If there is proper coordination between every team member, the end result will be successful.

  • Tips for implementation: Whether you are a team leader or just a member, always remember to involve everyone and coordinate with them. If you succeed in proper coordination, you will be victorious.

#5. Adaptability is essential

Working in a diverse team with members belonging to different backgrounds, personalities and opinions, makes for a challenging environment. Working in such an environment definitely requires adaptability, especially on the leader’s part, who has to ensure that encourages everyone to participate and values each member.

  • Tips for implementation: The professional world is full of uncertainties. Embracing uncertainties demand adaptability to a great extent. The more adaptable you are to situations, more you will be able to discover your potentials.

#6. Pressure is actually a good thing

When some pressure is put on a group, however arbitrary, it helps motivate and focus strongly on getting a work done faster. The sense of urgency often sees more creative ideas flowing in because there is no luxury time to brainstorm.

  • Tips for implementation: Well, while only managers can execute this task, team members must take up pressure as a challenge and put in their very best at work. Pressure can often bring out the best in an employee.

#7. Working in sync with others

boat race

Working in sync with others matters a lot in such activities and it is one of the most critical team building lessons. For example, when you are rowing a boat with six other people, you have to do it in sync with them in order to keep up the momentum. And in order to achieve proper synchronization, you have to pay attention as well. This is how you will be able to execute a group task.

  • Tips for implementation: While you are working on a project together, try to be in sync with everyone else. Observe what others are doing and how they are doing. Learn from others and then implement those learning accordingly.

On a last note, it can be said that all the team building lessons learnt during the course of every activity, ultimately percolate down to our workplace. We have to implement the skills of coordination, communication, effective leadership, responsibility and of course trust. We need to ensure that all of the above are in sync; it only then that we will not only be able to perform as a team, but also ensure fruitful results.

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10 Habits Make You Appear Like an Unprofessional at Work

Unprofessional behaviour at workplace

There has been many fallacies about professionalism, one of which is, “You need to look professional to be professional.” From the 1960s, wearing a suit or completely formal attire has made people think they are credible, sophisticated or professional. However, professionalism is just not about how you look, but how you behave, or we can say, how you present yourself all together.

When it comes to an organization, we find people from all backgrounds, skills, age, and experience coming along and working together. However, when we talk about finding professionalism, we come across many employees who appear on time, deliver projects as assigned and take least leaves, still are unable to leave a lasting impact on their employers or even neighboring colleagues. Why? They act the wrong way.

While there are a myriad of examples but we have put forth those top 10 habits, which can help you figure the most unprofessional colleagues around you or conduct a real professionalism check on yourself:

1. Being Unresponsive


Some employees usually neglect to answer messages or calls, which results in getting input troublesome for managers or even colleagues working in tandem. These employees either do not feel comfortable in responding in a social environment or display a completely unpremeditated attitude by neglecting the e-mails, saying ‘Thank You’ on receiving important messages and so on.

2. Poor communication style

poor communicartion

“It’s that one word that make you remember amongst people or make them dislike you.” It is not about what you communicate but how well you do it. Some employees often use their position or power to mistreat their subordinates. Using an abusive tone or derogatory words inside work premises are clear signs of one’s unprofessional behavior.

3. Exploiting work time

Exploiting work time

Whether an employee is just marking someone else’s attendance or altering his/her colleague’s worksheet, or selling something else from their desks- all top the list in exploiting company’s time. The work hours provided by an employer are to be worked for as ultimately they are the pay check employees receive at the end of the month. Misusing the work time means disrespecting your own association.

 4. Bragging


Being confident at workplace is a good sign, it allows you to work well with your colleagues. But, when an employee begins to use a tone of superiority, goes on telling things just about himself or herself, fails to cooperate with team mates or has a habit of putting others down, the individual is reflected as a victim of unprofessionalism.

 5. Doing your makeup at your desk

makeup for your desk

Easily observed at mid-sized organisations, there are employees who touch up at their desks. “Feeling lazy to use the rest room”, “It is comfortable here.” “There is a queue inside” are some of the statements, which we come across from people who love to look good but forget where they need to do that touch up. Grooming in public appears casual but does not make you like a professional anyway.

6. Poor hygiene

poor hygiene

While, you might think it’s about personal health but when we are bound by certain rules and regulations circulated by the company, we need to follow them leaving behind out personal comforts. Hygiene is one of those most important habits, which if, is poor can easily make you the center of attraction in the competitive world. Regardless of the gender, employees who are found to be burping, snoring, cleaning their ears or nose, scratching, or rarely showering not just look unprofessional at workplace but also lose their chances of professional growth.

7. Interrupting


You might be a chatter-box in your personal life however workplace is a venue you must show your sophisticated side. It is not about being fake but interrupting others during a session, presentation or even a casual office break, all make you appear like least attached to office etiquettes. Speak when required, do not interrupt when others are giving their opinions.

8. Being too noisy

noisy at work

Silence is golden at workplace. It allows you to showcase your creative juices. However some employees just bring their personal fantasies to work life in the name of ‘freedom’. Playing loud music, speaking or laughing loudly more often, calling colleagues using a high volume all make such employees all the way more annoying, and leave foot prints of an unprofessional at the end of the day.

9. Making personal calls all day long

Personal calls all day long

Staying away from home town, working for your family, a late-night party freak or whatever your story is, bosses will not appreciate your long day personal calls when the work is ought to be delivered. Being in the office premise is a way to demonstrate how much professionally disciplined you are as an employee. Phone calls can take a hold for the evenings.

10. Lying


Last but not the least, this habit is obviously unprofessional and can lead you into an unwanted trouble. Some employees have a tendency to use false reasons while applying for leaves, when not performing, or even while resigning. Employees who give reasons of ‘deceasing of a family member’, ‘illness of closed relations’ and more indicate how unreliable they are as employees and even as human beings. At workplace, staying true is the best way to succeed personally and professionally.

Have you noticed any of the above unprofessional habits in employees around you or felt one of those habits residing inside you as well? The sooner we learn to execute the real meaning of ‘professionalism’, the greater our chances of standing out in the crowd of immature, unprofessional colleagues. When the thought of ‘being different’ begins to hit your mind every now and then, nobody can cease your chances of success at workplace.

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Office Politics – But You Have To Shine Like A Moon In The Dark


It is upsetting, it can get untidy, and it channels on your efficiency. Despite the fact that you are a top performer or a kind team member, there will be people over, near, below or around you, who will be trying to cease your happiness at work which becomes office politics.

Happiness could be in terms of your rewards, which you might be receiving from your boss previously, your success in terms of monetary achievements or the way everyone would be chilling up with you. They show they are happy, but deep inside- they are burning high. These are people who are extremely jealous of you. They do not like seeing you growing up no matter their own growth is affected or not. Some ‘political creatures’ like these,  when try to hinder your capabilities to work effectively, it is where you must craft the excellence of conquering that portion of crowd in a subtle way. Certainly it is hard to become seamless in this task, however,  prevention is always better than cure if you want to ensure you live in an organisational culture that is allowing you work the way you want.

How to deal with the office politics?

Img. Src.

1. Keep your head & heels high

Do not take or give any favors to any employee- above, below or around you. Whether it is about offering a free drop or a drink at a casual space besides office. Such favors often turn out to be dangerous, when those ‘political creatures’ try their best to manipulate your image in a wrong way. It is hence, better to be safe than sorry. Act like a watchman who is aware of his surroundings and the home he is protecting. Your work is your home and you should be protecting it wherever you go. Make good connections with associates but do not forget that your own dignity and hard work alone will go a long way not your connections. In times when your connections will go against you, it will only be your self-worth that will help keep your head and heels high.

2. Don’t show all your cards

Talking contrarily about anybody in the face of their good faith can be counterproductive to your own development at work place. We trust them. We gossip and chat. We share our personal lives in good faith but it all goes into vain when the same people turn out to be most unreliable and faith-breaching. Over work issues, people tend to get closer to their work mates and share their views about their boss and other colleagues, which ultimately become the hardest battle to fight at the workplace. When you know this is going to happen today or tomorrow, simply maintain a harmonious relationship and a parallel distance that does not break that thin line of trust and also help you keep your secrets to you. You do not need to share the entire story, things can work with a few words as well. The art to speak concise is tough but extremely important in the political work environment.

3. Fake it till you make it

There are constantly two parts of your work – the real beneficial work that you finish, and what others see you have fulfilled. Abstain from being seen as the ‘focal point of the universe’ or a “chatterbox” at work. Rather, get yourself a skill that will increase the value of your profession, which nobody can play with. Stretch your imaginations towards your actual work and do not let the world know your hard work. Show when you achieve, not before that.

Believe it or not, you are the most important person who can take care of yourself in any working environment. All that you need is a little talent to deal with unknown and unexpected work situations, as well as, people. Becoming your own doctor during this juncture is the way to succeed in your career, creating a harmonious culture around you and prevent yourself in becoming a victim of office politics.

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CareerBuilder Gears Up For 70th Independence Day Celebrations


August 21, 2016; Noida – The celebrations to mark the 70th Independence Day of India were commenced on 12th of August at CareerBuilder’s three different branches – Noida, Bangalore, & Mumbai. Several activities were lined up for the day to create the patriotic fervor amongst employees.

CareerBuilder in all the cities was alluring to the eyes with office decorations, appeared in sensational tri colors- orange, white and green. A perfect blend of balloons and flags was used to accentuate the beauty of the IT organization. The day started with a unique competition called ‘Your views on Independence Day’, allotted with 1-hour time to participants to describe their ideas in four sentences. While, this was going on, employees of CB were busy taking snapshots, highlighting their tri-color attires.  Ethnic yet smart, not just the employees were cheerful on the day but also showed a sense of pride and devotion with their company by taking enthusiastic participation in all the activities organized for the day. Male and female employees, all dressed up and waiting for the ‘best dressed male’ and ‘best dressed female’ to be announced at the end day of the day.


What more? The fun and cultural committee did not skip a moment to engage the crowd, which was already in the mood and harmony of celebrating the Independence Day. After those awesome pictures and background music soothing the senses of our colleagues, it was time for the most awaited ‘Italian Lunch’ at The Italian Bistro. Want to know what CareeBuilder employees relished on their Independence Day celebrations? ‘Mushroom Bruchettas’, ‘Penne Pasta’, ‘Cucumber Drinks’, ‘Potato Wedges’, ‘Paneer Pizzas’, and ‘Brownies’. The meal really added an oomph factor to their evening. Chats over drinks in a Vintage themed restaurant, it was a real delight.

After a delightful lunch, employees now simply had to stretch themselves for the most exciting and awaited competition- ‘Canvas Painting’. Bad, average or perfect- artists were born and came into the notice of CareerBuilder when paintings depicting amazing ideas caught the eyeballs of everyone. Colorful, thoughtful and creative- employees and their paintings showed the true sense of compassion and pride and enthusiasm towards their company, and the country. The 1-hour competition was flooded with jokes, music in the background, laughs and more laughs. The five teams were asked to give a unique or patriotic name to their painting team, which sounded like- ‘Ekta- Bhaarat Ki’, ‘Freedom Fighter’, ‘ Vandependence’, ‘Jai Hind’ & ‘Painter Babu’ . Did that sound creative? Indeed! It was as imaginative as the spirit of our enthusiastic employees across the 3 branches of CareerBuilder- Noida, Bangalore and Mumbai. While all the employees strived to deliver the best paintings, the winners were truly outstanding.

Independence Day

The time was flying by but the fun at these 3 locations did not seem to be ending. Everyone was dying to wait for the results to be announced. Finally the ‘best painting winners’ was announced and vouchers of Rs. 2500 were gifted across, followed by other results of the day. CareerBuilder did actually make a point to engage and acknowledge every employee who participated in the celebrations. By chocolates of vouchers, Italian lunch or gifts, the organization proved how important the employees are for the company.

70th Independence Day did emerge as a wonderful memory, which employees of all branches across India would cherish forever.

About CareerBuilder India

Founded in 1995, is US’s leading employment portal. CareerBuilder also specializes in human capital solutions, labor market intelligence, talent acquisition software and several other recruitment solutions.  With a market presence in over 23 countries and 60 markets, CareerBuilder is owned by Tegna Digital, Tribune Media and The McClatchy Company.  CareerBuilder India is 100% subsidiary of CareerBuilder USA.

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5 Ways To Stop The Blame Game At Work


The “Blame Game” is one of the root causes of developing unhealthy work culture. Since the dawn of the time, we have entrusted unnoticed causes to effects that we cannot describe.

All too often, something goes erroneous at a workplace, and the finger pointing begins. It does not matter who the players are and even it does not matter what the circumstances are.

What is important is that once the issue ascends, every Tom, Dick, and Harry falls into the “Blame Game” mode.

According to the industry spectators and business leaders, the blame game is a severe issue leading to toxic work culture – mostly instigating many of the difficulties one experience at the workplace.

Therefore, it is imperative for leaders to contemplate the answers of following questions wisely.

  • How are you blamed and credited? And,
  • How you as a manager deal with the dynamics of blame and credit around you?

Keep an eye on following blame game signs at your workplace

– Frequent attempts to cover mistakes instead fixing them.

– A general nonexistence of accountability on the team.

– Little side conversations (or hallway gossip) always put the integrity of the organization at risk.

– The lack of commitment to the requirements of the organization/client or the excellence of the work.

So how we deal with the toxic work culture of blame? Here are a few tactics that one can adopt to cultivate the better work environment.

5 Strategies to put the Brakes on Blame Game at Workplace

Img. Src.

1. Be Strategic.

It is not easy to work with difficult boss or co-workers but still you need to figure out the productive responses. Always remember, sharing credit may benefit you in the long run, while fighting for recognition and credit could be self-defeating.

2. Emphasis on the Future Instead Of the Past.

A lot of to be learned from the past (mistakes and experiences) events. However, revising the past issues or actions can be counterproductive if it centers on assigning blame. Think like a smart leader and focus on what needs to be done now and in the future. Never use the “feedback” as the understatement for blame.

3. One Step Back and Two Step Forward.

If one finds him/herself in the middle of “blame game” or “credit grabbing” scenarios, instantly adopt the one step back and two step forward strategy. The first thing to do is take a pause. Try to get some perspective on the situation on what is going on, while adjusting your emotions.

4. Build Up Relationship with Those People Who Do Not Throw Others Under the Bus.

Better leaders, teammates and subordinates are those who have a balanced perspective on “blame and credit” game. It is crucial for employers to hire such candidates who seem self-aware and open to evaluating and discussing their performance.  Similarly, when managing the existing employees, it is important consistently to reinforce the message of shared collaboration and accountability.

5. Develop your Skills, Network and Knowledge.

The more you grow your knowledge and expertise, the more you make yourself indispensable to an organization. And, more likely you will not become the target of unwarranted blaming.

At times, the blame game can be painful – when we unethically reprimand for problems that clearly not one person’s responsibility or when we do not receive the credit we deserve. Nonetheless, we do have a choice in “how we respond”.

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Cool Ways To Ignite Employee Productivity At Workplace

Cool Ways to Make Your Workplace Productive for Employees

In the ancient era, every workplace had a similar resemblance. During 1990s, the kind of furniture used at offices was as standard as the uniform of the working employees. Indeed, this sign of conformity was respected at that time, every office setup looked very serious despite the industry it was into.

All this undergone a transition when computers took over. Where every task was carried out manually, the use of computers changed the way employees began to work. This brought the corporate desks and ergonomic furniture over a period of time in the life of working professionals.

Design of a workplace makes a great difference in how people think, create and innovate. Have you observed how Google manages to retain its workforce with its splendid office design? How smart companies such as Lifestyle India reinforce their culture by offering a creative workplace?

Some of the present day workplaces are designed to ignite creativity, innovation and employee productivity. With innovative office décor trends, CareerBuilder shares some of the most successful ideas to make your workplace more productive.

Cool Ways to Make Your Workplace Productive for Employees

  • Bring Nature to Office

Often offices are created with a setup that involves too much of LED lights. This adds strain on the eyes and disallows an individual to concentrate, type or work conveniently. Too much of everything is bad and the saying goes same for LED lights. Bringing natural light in the work area on the contrary can add more life to the workplace. While, designing the layout of your workspace, keeping this factor in mind is important to ensure your employees do not feel claustrophobic within the unnatural lightings. Allow space for windows, trendy blinds, a few creative artifacts, and artificial plants to accentuate the beauty of your workplace. People are always attracted to nature and bringing it to your workplace is an excellent way to keep the mood, mind and spirit of your employees elevated.

  • Bring Some Music

While, in serious industries such as IT, professionals are bound to work dedicatedly without lacking focus. Adding some inspiring music in the background can bring out the innovation they have never must-have thought before. Music is known to be the greatest stress buster. Stress emerging from work pressure, colleague conflict, disharmony, personal issues all can subside once you bring music to the ears of your working professionals. The only advice is to choose the right form of music. After all, all that you desire is higher productivity, which can only be generated if employees are stress free, motivated and unstoppable with their creativity.

  • Invest in Comfort

Comfort is found where the employees are made to work. Furniture is often the most overlooked aspect when it comes to making a productive workplace. A tweaking chair, an elevated desk, computers instead of laptops, all these can add to discomfort while working in the office for 9 hours. Investing in ergonomic furniture means spending money on the comfort of those who work with you. Ergonomic chairs and desks not just ensure employee productivity, but also good health, less absenteeism, lower attrition and greater results.

Realize that employees invest the maximum part of their day working at their offices. Employers who are seeking out best talent, must not only work towards hiring the best candidates but also working out the best for those already working with them by making the workplace more encouraging. Even the applicants coming for the interview are watching your workplace, the way employees are working, the benefits your employees are enjoying and so on. It all comes with the brand. Make the best use of your workplace and let the creative juices & employee productivity flowing.

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Creating a Festive Mood at Work: Tips for HR

Creating Festive Mood at work

Human resource team has to take care of so many aspects to make Diwali celebrations a fun activity. We understand your dilemma and demands of doing something new from the previous time, so here we are with the list of activities and decoration ideas you can use to ignite the festive mood at your office.

Creating Festive Mood at work
CareerBuilder_Festive Mood at Workplace

Decoration Ideas:

  • Use traditional handcrafted table cloths and bed sheets to cover tables in cafeteria or office bays. This would give a different look to the ambience.
  • Using diyas, empty containers of fire crackers, and fake gift boxes, you can decorate few corners of the office.
  • Not to have a rangoli competition is ok, but you can still create a beautiful rangoli with flower, and colours at the office entrance.
  • Diwali decoration is incomplete with garlands of marigold flowers. Use them with a twist for decoration this time; you can take ideas from Pinterest.
  • If it is ok with your office principles, play traditional Diwali Indian music and ask everyone to show some bollywood moves.

Food Delight:

  • Call out all your employees together and cut a diwali theme cake with diya and fire crackers art on it.
  • Treat your employees with food, sweets or deserts, dry fruits, snacks in the office canteen. Employee feel valued when they are offered free delicacies.
  • Gift chocolates as take away gifts for the employees. You can gift chocolates as prizes for answering fun questions during lunch time or during an hour set aside for Diwali celebration at office.

Diwali Bonanza:

  • You can have a tradition-based fun quiz and ask questions from employees to test their knowledge about the religious values behind Diwali celebrations.
  • Ask every employee to send you a picture of diwali celebration with families (be it of past year) and make a slideshow from them. Play this at office on projector for a day in the office.
  • You may call a henna artist at office for a day to create festive mood for female employees of the office. Similarly, for male employees, a hair stylist can be called.

Aren’t these tips amazing and perfect to infuse fun and festive mood at workplace? If you have more ideas, you may share with others in the comment box below, so that everyone can make the best of Diwali celebrations.

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Beat Stress at Workplace- Make a Smart Move!

Beat Stress at Workplace- Make a Smart Move!

Is the work related stress spoiling your personal life and thereby your mental peace? Do you wish to unwindbut find yourself helpless and occupied with work pressure? Stress is one of the most elusive rivals for most employees. Inflexible working hours, long-distance commutation from home to office, job insecurity, unending demands of the boss, all take a toll on the psychological, as well as, physical well-being of an individual. In extreme cases, people tend to get driven into alcoholism, high blood pressure, heart diseases, or any kind of mental sickness. There is hence, just not one reason to address work related stress but the illnesses caused by it are infinite and need to be fixed.

The latest American Institute of Stress research reveals that work stress is accountable for 550 million leaves by employees every year and $80 billion loss in productivity. This is because, failure to identify the cause of stress can result in irritability, sleeplessness, muscular-tension, heart strokes, and depression.

Measuring the Work Related Stress

Recently, a U.S. organization with good repute conducted a survey, which was targeted at identifying work stress factors and consequences of the same.  The report revealed that work related stress leads to 120, 000 deaths every year. One of the biggest factors contributing to this number in deaths was high demands at work, followed by disturbance in personal life and overall health. Also revealed is the research that says, stressed out employees sleep 20 minutes less than other employees, gain more weight and work injuries, which is not a good sign of personal and professional growth. However, stress due to work is something that cannot be overlooked and must be dealt mindfully.

Implementing Smart Moves to Beat Stress at Work

Some employees feel that people with managerial positions are more stressed. Fallacy! The fact is every employee reacts differently to different work related issue be it his job role, work pressure, work culture, work timings etc. However, employers, recruiters, and HR managers play a vital role in this entire scenario and can implement smart moves to ensure their employees are happy and less-stressed at work.

Enlisted are the top 3 tips for employers, as well as, for employees to beat stress at work.

For employers to keep their employees stress-free, the key is to ‘balance’.

What employers can do?

  • Provide flexible timings
  • Provide work from home benefits
  • Reduce reporting times
  • Introduce fun and engagement activities at work
  • Induce vacation policies
  • Motivate them with rewards benefits
  • Offer health care memberships
  • Induce skills learning sessions

What employees can do?

  • Set realistic goals for themselves and avoid excessive competition
  • Learn to relax during short intervals. Studies say that just 15 minutes of quiet meditation can decrease work stress and enhance endurance levels.
  • Treat their body the right way by intake of fresh fruits in the regular diet.
  • Not taking work as pressure in the mind. Only take it as a task to be performed with the best efforts
  • Ask for flexible timings of work
  • Speak up whenever anything goes wrong instead of keeping it inside
  • Be prepared to take criticism lightly. They must not take stress of what the boss says but take it as a part of work life.

Beating stress at work does not mean changing the entire lifestyle overhaul. Start with making the little changes in your work life that will lead to bigger differences in your personal life. A lifted morale can help employees to deal and beat the work related stress and achieve their career dreams without fail. Recruiters must not invest time in scouting the best talent but find out employee retention strategies, one of which is providing them a better place to work.

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