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CareerBuilder India talks to Kalpana Hinduja, who represents HR department of India Factoring and Finance Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It is a subsidiary of Foreign Trade Finance Institution called FIMBank, which is a Maltese Trade Finance Institution. She is been associated with India factoring for over last 2 years and looks after the entire gamut of HR function with India Factoring. Let’s take her intake on candidate sourcing and employees engagement.

How do you conduct talent acquisition?

It’s a very small firm, so we do not do much of the mass hiring, as we are into very niche product. So, as far as recruitments are concerned, we do it through job portals, we do it through social media like Linkedin, we also have referrals from our ex-employees or from our current employees. So, this is the way we do recruitments for our company.

How do you relate HR & Marketing?

The customers are the key stakeholders for any marketing person in the organization and for HR, their own employees or the primary stakeholders in the organization. So, I would say that there is a very deep connect between marketing and HR because HR represents the face of the organization.

Do employees play a major role in the development of a company?

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There are lots of benefits for example how a marketing person get feedback from the customer on its product, on the overall product feature. So, our own internal employees are the one who will give us the feedback about the organization. They are the one who will tell us what they are happy with, what they are not happy with and what are the areas of improvement, which the organization should look after to improve the brand image of the company, to improve the job satisfaction of the employees, to enhance the employer branding, so I guess yes, employees are our real stakeholders who will give us the real picture of the organization.

What type of help can employees expect out of HR’s?

Not performing or not delivering to the expectations is the part and parcel of life, or everybody’s work life cycle. That doesn’t mean that companies have to take a very strict action against the non-performers. There is always a way here to train the slow performers or the non-performers and we as an organization always give a good amount of time to train our people, to correct them if they are wrong and HR plays a very important role in having one on one with them, to explain them where they are going wrong, what are the flaws that they have, attitude wise, work wise, approach wise, so HR along with business plays a very important role in connecting with their employees, to inform them that they need to improve or they need to enhance their performance on so and so angle.

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How does hiring candidates from business schools help?

I guess the advantage, which most of the organizations have is that they appoint from the B-schools. There is lot of training, the personality grooming, or the grooming for the corporate culture, the base is reflectively made strong by the B-Schools for their students. Additionally, every company gives a cultural training or the product specific training or the corporate culture training to ensure the overall fitment of the new joinee or the new employee in the organization. So, I think these are the steps which even we follow and we have a structured induction program, where we train the new joinnees and we give them the overall picture of the organization, we ensure that they fit into the organization, we ensure that they are trained on the processes, we ensure that they are given fair information about the departments, about the key people in the department, the policies, so you know they are well set in the system at a good speed.

What are your thoughts on social media?

See, as far as my organization is concerned, as I told you, it’s a very small organization so we are not so very active on social media like Facebook, or Linkedin, but yes, we do an internal competitive mapping for who are our competitors and who all are the key people in our competition and we do an internal mapping of all the data bases in various companies and yes, so this is the way we recruit.

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