Employee Perks for Employee engagement

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Whenever the word “perks” comes into play, as a company, the first things to come into mind are probably free food, cab services and sometimes office parties. Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely adore the free food idea. But it’s a fact that there are a lot more “perks” that employees would love to receive, after all vacation policies did rank higher than free food. So let us talk about those perks that go beyond the norm and provide your employees with the kind of convenience, flexibility, and fun, that makes them actually want to come to office. Trying to keep your employees motivated with just free food will get very stale, very soon. The best work perks are designed to show your employees that you value their work, respect their time outside of work and also look out for their well-being.

So with little to no cost to the employers, here’s what you can do to make your employees happy:

  • Flexible Schedules

Offering your employees the luxury of working from home all the time or to create their own schedules might not be the most feasible or practical idea, but perhaps you could offer a monthly “work from home” day or take a cue from World Wildlife Fund and give them every other Friday off. Employees will appreciate the show of trust and autonomy, and shortening of any work week has always been a welcome change.

  • Help Them Out
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How many times have our chores suffered because we simply did not get the time because of work. If we want to go to the bank, then weekends can’t help. Understand this conundrum and offer your employees a simple solution like an on-site concierge (read: office boy) to help them accomplish everyday errands at work, such as mailing packages, sending flowers, delivering groceries, getting oil changes and picking up prescriptions. A simple solution, and yet it will help your employees feel much more relaxed at work, knowing that their errands will be taken care of.

  • Let Them Grow

When your employees grow, so does your company. Give your employees the option to take classes and seminars to hone their skills. The chance to grow in skills is another employee perk that companies have started adapting. For example, Discovery Communications offers employees free classes designed to engage their creativity, while World Wildlife Fund offers employees complimentary lunchtime presentations from professional speakers related to conservation and the environment.

  • Offer Offers

As a corporate entity, you can get a lot of offers from various clubs, resorts, chain stores, etc. Offer these discounts to your employees. Trust us, nothing beats the feeling of being out with your friends and receiving discounts because of where you work.

  • All Work and no Play?
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Encouraging play at work helps boost productivity and strengthen team bonding. Whether it’s a designated “playroom” for employees — stocked with foosball tables and video games — or holding a friendly after-hours bowling game, adding the fun element to work is always a good idea.

  • Bring Your Pet to Work Days

Probably a little harder to execute, bringing your furry companions to work is a great engagement idea. A growing number of companies allow employees to bring their dogs to work.

Follow even a few of these tips and watch how your employee engagement soars through the roof. If you too have ideas for this, we would love to hear about them in the comments section

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