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HR leaders have recognized that attracting talent is crucial for business success, which is why they devote themselves building up recruitment strategies that are innovative, and employee engagement strategies that help in boosting workforce performance. While, the whole year goes the same for HR professionals but during the time of festivals, they become all the way more alert in figuring out strategies to attract, engage and retain talent. The challenge is to drive productivity and retaining employees at the time when they are thinking about celebrations and planning time off from work.

Firstly, we must understand that there are three aspects to employee engagement:

1. Emotional: In this, employees devote their heart to the work and feel challenged as well as, encouraged throughout their work span.

2. Physical: Employees invest much energy to get their tasks/projects done.

3. Cognitive: In this, employees forget everything else and only engross themselves into work with or without enthusiasm.

The question is, no matter how hardworking the employees might be, how can HR leaders develop an employee engagement that drives them to work and enjoy during the festive season?

We have enrolled some of the natural ways to ramp up employee performance and drive employee engagement;

1. Knowing employees’ needs

During the festive season, a majority of employees plan their holidays or do not feel like working with the same stress they hold the rest of the year. At that juncture, employers can consider employees’ working preferences and allow them to take up tasks or projects, which do not affect their work-life balance. Encourage them with flexible timings so that they can work and plan their time with a sense of liberty. Employees whose hometowns are far off could be permitted to work from home as and when they are available too. Developing such employee engagement strategies is more likely to attract talent and retain it for a longer haul.

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2. Create a Festive Atmosphere

Employees are human beings, and at the time of festivals, they may simply not like to work just because of the same, conventional work-environment. To engage your employees, bring a change in how they could work just before and during the festive season. Allow change of dress codes to casuals or festive. Invest in alluring festive décor at the workplace, which could delight their physical senses and make them happy. Let employees decorate their workstations in the way they want. This will induce a feeling of enthusiasm to work and enjoy the festive season at the same time. Remember, happy employees, are always productive.

3. Cheer employees up

Decorating office premise, allowing flexible work schedules may still not suffice if employees are treated like ordinary and not special during the festive season. This would mean developing employee engagement strategies that can give them a reason to stay with your brand. In such a scenario, rewarding everyone with something can do wonders, as this surprise might cheer up the employees and boost up their confidence in an all-new way. Besides traditional festive gifting, give employees with something unusual that not only engages them but also becomes a reason for employee retention.

4. Set Achievable Targets with Rewards

The only way to make employees work with dedication during the festive time is to decrease their work pressure and set achievable goals for them. Furthermore, creating motivating rewards that could create a sense of competition and enthusiasm amongst the teams and lift their spirit to deliver the best output, which is hard to drive from them elsewise. This employee engagement strategy is workable and enthralling for all kinds of employees. Shopping vouchers, monetary presents, certification, free dining meals or an additional work off could be some of the exciting rewards to attract and engage employees during the celebratory time.

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5. Activities with a ‘feel-good’ factor

“Old is boring.” The phrase stands true for employees who prefer to take time off and celebrate with their families instead of participating in same, old festive office activities. Bringing something new to the table is the ladder to success in employee engagement. Create festive activities which you have probably never done before. Top brands like Coca-Cola invest in music festivals and sports sponsorship to drive their employees with something unique.

Tips for implementing new employee engagement strategies this festive season:
  • Develop a plan based on the size of your company
  • Plan your capital wisely
  • Measure your expenses
  • Seek inspirational examples
  • Discuss with senior management
  • Assign diverse roles to make it a success
Wrap up!

Employee retention must not be reserved for the time when employees plan to leave. Employers and HR teams need to implement employee engagement and retention initiatives throughout the year to keep the momentum high within the organization. Employees love to be recognized whenever they put their efforts into work. Festive season could just be the right time to reward your employees and make them feel; they are valuable.

Lead by example and make it happen!

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