You might be thinking work is just about the common sense and rational abilities of your mind into use. Much before that, the emotional quotient comes into play. It encapsulates a lot as it is an extension of the mind and heart working in tandem.

Here’s what your should inculcate to become one sound emotionally intelligent person

Be A People-Watcher
Every person comes with his unique set of DNA and that alone sets them apart from the rest. However, DNA cannot be seen and there are other factors which make people distinct like body language, ways of speaking and dressing and individual characteristics. A people watcher is fascinated by such abundance and keeps looking for more.

Know Your strengths and Weaknesses
Weighing yourself in pros and cons, like you weigh projects, is the first step in emotional intelligence ratio. Understanding what lies within, will make you a better judge of work that you can do and which is beyond your capability.

Do Not Fret
Fretting about future and making it a primary concern in your life, makes it all the more difficult to live in the moment. You can’t live in a script and more so often you don’t make that script. Enjoy the moment given to you!

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A Great Listener
Emotionally intelligent people are great listeners. And mind you, there is difference in hearing and listening. Things are never lost in translation when emotionally intelligent people are around.

Have It All Figured Out
Understanding and analyzing are two things which come easy to an emotionally intelligent person. They figure it all out by themselves; they reach conclusions which are usually true by having some deep insight into their own psyche.

Ethical and Eager
These people are mostly ethical in their doings, be it work of personal. They are morally sound and ethically-upright. Most importantly, they are eager. Eager to help, eager to learn, they have an unsettling enthusiasm about them which is by and large magnetic.

Being an emotionally sound person not only makes you a great employee, but an aware person too.

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