Career in E-commerce

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The outstanding growth of e-commerce sector in India has taken the world by storm. As per the recent study by Associated Chambers of Commerce of India (ASSOCHAM) in association with Deloitte, it was revealed that the sector which was pegged USD 13.6 billion last year is expected to cross USD 16 billion mark by the end of the year 2015. The report also highlighted that online travel accounts for nearly 61% of the e-commerce business while e-tailing contributes about 29% and in total e-commerce transactions grew by 53% last year.

Career in E-commerce

Some interesting facts about E-commerce Sector in India

  • Since 2011, Indian e-commerce market has grown at an astounding CAGR of 37%.
  • In the next five years, the Indian e-commerce market would be worth USD 100 billion and hence contributing 4% to the National GDP.
  • In 2014, approximately 200 billion of investments solely occurred due to heavy valuations of ecommerce companies.

Some facts about Indian e-commerce giants-

  • With a worth of USD 11 billion, Flipkart is India’s biggest e-commerce portal
  • With 20 million users, PayTm is India’s biggest mobile wallet and m-commerce company
  • With 90% market share, BookMyShow is country’s biggest online ticket accumulator and seller
  • 50% of the revenues generated by Flipkart is via mobile and its 70% whereas Quikr is concerned
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Some hot reasons to work in ecommerce industry in India

Well, if we talk about employment scenario in India then Information Technology is the unbiased leader in providing job opportunities to millions of graduates in the country. However, the trends are changing and a lot more people are interested in building a career in this industry. Let us check out some reasons which suggest why a career in ecommerce is hot right now.

E-commerce has a wonderful long-term global growth prospects

Presently, the total ecommerce market is a huge one-over USD 1 Trillion and is projected to grow at 17% per year. Ecommerce boom seems to have engulfed the entire world. The prospering ecommerce market in China now delivers sales of USD 1 billion per day, which is quite impressive. Then US has the well established online selling industry and a lot more is yet to come from the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, Southeast Asia and so on.

Mobile commerce has just hit the market and is already capturing 20% of ecommerce sales. So working in ecommerce is definitely a lucrative option as it is growing industry that demands young and talented workforce and just spending some years in it can equip you with skills and knowledge that will be red-hot in demand for at least next 15 years.

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E-commerce can teach you variety of core business skills

Yes, that’s true. E-commerce exposes you to a plethora of business processes that’ll help you to grasp the business ethics and understand the dynamics. In e-commerce jobs, you may work in the following areas such as –

  • Product marketing
  • Supply chain
  • Pricing and profit management
  • Customer acquisition
  • Cross selling
  • Up selling
  • Customer service and much more

With so many things to learn under one roof, working in this sector can be real fun and exciting.

E-commerce makes you more customer oriented

Apart from the technical skills, a career in this sphere can polish your ‘soft skills’. It makes you understand the dynamics of Brand Experience and Customer Experience. It makes you a great storyteller and of course, you can easily see things through customer’s perspective which is actually needed in the e-commerce industry.

It’s a huge learning platform for any graduate who is looking up to it

The fact that you have the access to real time results data; you can actually measure your own performance and find out what is needed to be worked upon! Isn’t that great that you can do this mentoring part yourself.

Final words

Ecommerce jobs in India are cropping up like wild mushrooms. The sector has immense growth potential and can help you to carve a niche career. Plum job opportunities, great scope, excellent learning opportunities et all what else you could demand? Think upon it and set sail for a high-flying career!

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