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Finally, there’s some good news for job seekers in India, especially the ones targeting the e-commerce sector. In the latest report titled Impact of E-Commerce on Employment, jointly published by KPMG and Snapdeal, it is stated that India’s e-retail and allied divisions comprising logistics, IT/ITeS and warehousing are expected to create about 1.45 million direct jobs by the year 2021.

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Logistics and warehousing sector are projected to be the largest contributor towards this move by creating direct employment opportunities for about 1 million job seekers, while the e-tailing segment is expected to generate around 0.4 high-skilled jobs by 2021.

Snapdeal’s Co-Founder and CEO, Kunal Bahl said that, since the impact of the e-commerce has been the most exciting and also the least spoken about, through this report they aim to highlight, how the industry is responsible for generating ample employment opportunities for thousands of job seekers.

The e-commerce segment in India is expected to cross USD 103 billion by 2020, while e-retailing is projected to estimate for 67% (USD 68.8 billion). Also, for every job that is created by the segment, further 3-4 jobs can get set up in across allied industries.

Besides, the online seller base is expected to grow by 1.3 million by 2020 and is projected to add more than 10 million new net jobs. With about 70% of the online sellers, expected to come from smaller towns by 2018-19, e-commerce is also creating a conspicuous socio-economic impact by penetrating the interiors of the country, the report said.

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Apart from creating uninterrupted employment opportunities in direct industries, e-retail and e-commerce have provided new opportunities to craftsmen, artisans, merchants, sellers and women coming from underprivileged segments of the society.

E-tail has created an enormous impact on startup and entrepreneurship culture in the country and has supported people build careers from a range of myriad skills such as content writers, web developers, graphic designers and so on.

It has also created a transferal in employee expectations by offering employment options with diverse opportunities, exciting career paths and new age jobs.

So, it goes without saying that for job seekers, the future years would be bright with ample job opportunities coming their way. Those who especially want to break into the logistics, e-commerce or ITeS sector will find ample employment opportunities to choose from.


Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com/jobs

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