creative thinking

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No matter be it a desk job or a field job, with creative thinking it is not just easy to make work fun but it also gets easier to walk up the ladder of success. But is creative thinking like blessing that not everyone is blessed with? If you feel the answer is yes, then you are wrong, because you can actually ignite the creative sparks in your life and enjoy doing every task in your own way and make a difference. You have to follow certain do’s & don’ts and then bang on! You can be a creative thinker.

creative thinking

Do TRUST yourself: With trust as a base, you can compete with any challenge of life. With developing trust, you can grow brain power that would make you capable of accepting more challenges and looking up for solutions with open mind. With trust you can simply wave off the feeling of giving up and can concentrate on work perfectly.

Don’t think you can do it ALL ALONE: You can think of basic idea and start taking initial action, but do not think that you can take up a difficult task all yourself. Discussing suggestions and asking for multiple viewpoints always helps in sorting out complex problems.

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Do be like a SPONGE: One of the main purposes of a sponge is to absorb. You to have to start absorbing as much knowledge as you can. You need to invest your time in reading a lot of stuff and gain knowledge from it. The idea is to always stay updated. Also, like you can extract the absorb water when you squeeze the sponge, similarly you should too extract the information or say share the information that you learn.

Don’t wait for INSPIRATION: Waiting for inspiration is no smartness. You need to give yourself some time & energy to address all the challenges and then identifying their solution. You need to work to be inspiration for your own self.


Do MEDITATION: It’s well tried & tested that meditation works in igniting the brain power. With meditation, you can feel the change in yourself. It bestows with the power of concentration which is very important to come up with out of the box thinking.

Don’t wake up at SLEEPING HOURS: Night is supposed to be for sleeping. If you wake up at night, you can lose your capacity to learn and absorb the details precisely. Wake up early in the morning and start living an ideal day to see how creativity enters in your life.

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Do LEARN from the greats: There are a lot of smart people working smartly. Do think them as your model and start learning from them. Every action teaches a lesson, it just depend upon how you perceive it.

Don’t indulge in JUDGMENTS: You have to understand that the creative process is a process. Sometimes, it all lies in understanding the problem instead of think about the ways to solve it. With merely understanding a particular problem behind any issue, you can easily crack up the mystery.

Start adopting these do’s and don’ts and notice the change in your thinking process.


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