Diwali activities for employees

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In our recent post related to Diwali activities at the workplace, we focused on how celebrations surrounding the festival are undergoing a drastic change. Organisations are leveraging the festival to enhance and work with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives thereby creating values in everyone’s lives.

While it is an excellent idea to indulge in activities that involve the needy and the poor at times of festivities, it is also essential that corporates make an effort to engage their employees keenly by organising various Diwali activities for employees. Needless to say that corporates are making an extra effort and going beyond bonuses and gifts. Human resources departments are holding Diwali activities in office aimed at employee engagement that enhances bonding between employees and the management.

It goes without saying that organising exciting and fun Diwali activities at the workplace can foster healthy work relationships and nurture team spirit. There are various ways in which an organisation can engage employees in different forms of Diwali activities for employees. The subsequent paragraphs explain different kinds of office

Diwali activities for employees that can act as an excellent way to foster employee engagement. Take a look.

Diwali activities for employees

#1. Volunteering activities

Organising volunteering activities can be a good idea of engaging employees during Diwali festivities. It will, of course, be a unique way of celebrating where the HR team can organise employees to visit any NGO or organisations like children’s homes that houses underprivileged children and spend some time with them. Employees can choose to teach them, play with them, give gifts and make the needy children smile during the festival times.

On the other hand, corporates can choose to organise a donation drive during the Diwali week and collect old items (that can be reused) and give away those to the needy and the underprivileged. This way the organisation will also ensure its contribution towards the society as a whole.

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#2. Potluck lunch

Organising a potluck lunch in office as a Diwali activity can be a good idea. Each employee can bring any dish of their choice, and the entire office can get together to savour the delicacies. Another idea to enhance this could be, employees belonging to different communities gets a dish typical of the region. For example, a Tamilian can get any Chettinad speciality while a Gujarati employee brings Thepla or a Bengali worker tosses in some Machher Jhol (fish curry). This way, there would be a lot of variety on the menu, and everyone will get a chance to appreciate the regional variety of cuisines and of course enjoy it.

#3. Drawing/Recitation competition for employees’ children

Another great way of boosting employee morale and making them happy is by inviting their families to be a part of the celebrations and also getting them involved. What the HR team can do, is probably organise a drawing or a recitation competition for employees’ children and choose to give away some beautiful gifts to all the participants. It will boost not only employee morale but also enhance the company’s reputation as a caring and humane organisation that is genuinely concerned about work-life balance.

#4. Collage competition 

Well, rangolis are an imminent part of Diwali celebrations, and most offices organise rangoli competitions; but how about doing something different? Why not host a collage competition with Diwali as the theme? Organizing a collage competition based on Diwali can be a good idea.

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Divide all the employees into small groups, provide them with all the required stationaries and ask them to make a collage out of it. Do remember to give away a reward for the best collage design.

#5. A flash mob (surprise!)

Nothing cheers employees more than a sudden dance number at the otherwise serious workplace. So, get together a few fun-loving employees who even love dancing and get them to perform a flash mob. When suddenly a few employees come up and start dancing, it can be truly a fun activity for others. You can request a few such employees in advance and give them an opportunity to rehearse beforehand as well.

Final note of caution

While the Diwali activities for employees mentioned above can be implemented into celebrating Diwali in office, one needs to take necessary precautions as well. Since festivals subscribe to a particular religion, try to ensure that no one’s sentiment is hurt at any cost. On the other hand, since lighting fire is an essential part of Diwali celebrations, ensure all kinds of safety measures are taken before the festivities begin.

Happy Diwali!

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