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No, it is not difficult. Because passive candidates are not closed for new job options, it is just that they are more ‘selective’.

But who are these passive candidates?

Lou Adler, author of ‘The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired’ suggests categorizing the job hunters in different categories, i.e.

  • Those who are looking
  • Those who are starting to look
  • Those who are thinking about looking
  • Those who aren’t even thinking about looking

On the similar lines, as per a recent study by CEB on job seekers, 44 percent of employed workers identified themselves as “passive” candidates, or people investing little to no effort in searching out new job opportunities.

Well this also means that the candidate you need for a particular job opening at your company is in this 44%. So, if these aren’t looking for job but you want them to work with you, what will you do?

Check this slide share to find out how to recruit passive candidates.

Also, as said in the beginning, passive candidates are selective, so you just have to give them reasons to select you.

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