Every job has its own skill set and recruiters look for people who possess this skill set. But there are factors which guide every recruiting process, these values or characteristics are present in prospective employees who can be differentiated as terrific from the group of good employees with a decent skill set.

According to an eminent research, 46 percent of new hires fail within the first 18 months. And while 11 percent of these failures are due to a lack of skill, a major 89 percent of the failures are due to attitudinal reasons, such as low levels of motivation and a lack of coachability.

Here are some factors which let you know about the difference between good and terrific employees –

High Level of Work Ethics
The terrific employees like to work well. Not only for the company but for themselves; they see their work as a reflection of their character and they like to do it efficiently. They possess great work ethics and that is what makes them terrific.

Always Positive
Pleasant demeanor and a positive outlook, sets them apart from other employees. They have a happy personality, with are driven to do things that they don’t know but have genuine enthusiasm for. They break the mould they are hired under and try to imbibe everything that is around them, rather than just their own work.

Always Prepared
Always ready with their homework, these awesome employees plan before they come up with their ideas. They confidently discuss about the particulars of their jobs with the recruiters. They know what they are saying and believe in every aspect of it. They are high on impact.

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Consistent Appeal
Terrific employees make a commitment when they are hired. They are versatile enough to delve into any environment they deem important from the point of view of the company. They adjust to change and and change likes them. Calm when challenged, hardworking in the face of deadlines.


These are factors which create difference between good and terrific employees the ideal employees for any organization!

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