jobs in Delhi

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Delhi, the national capital is not only the political and administrative centre but also one of the thriving job destinations in India. Many of you might not know but the city has the most number of migrants when compared to other cities of India. And the reason behind is but obvious the potential career opportunities along with high standards of living. Right from govt sector jobs to private jobs, the city will greet you with impeccable opportunities for you to strive for.

jobs in Delhi

Delhi, choice of Numerous Job Applicants

Despite being given the tagline of a crime capital in India, it emerges out to be one of the major cities with promising career opportunities and industry exposure for new entrants and industry professionals. Moreover, the high end infrastructure, well established public sector, presence of all modern age amenities, and excellent transportation are some of the top reasons for so many people seeking job opportunities in the city. Further, its national capital status makes the city a hot choice for investors too.

Every year, scores of IT companies open their offices in this iconic city just to benefit from the best in place policies, liberal environment and world class infrastructure. As a matter of fact, it is not only the IT sector which is undergoing massive expansion, the city offers a lot of job openings in sectors like hospitality, marketing, finance, engineering, architecture and so on and on.

Growing Number of Startups in the City

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The startup culture is fast gaining prominence in every region of the country. In the first half of 2015, there were 380 investments made in startups. The interesting part is yet to come. In terms of publicly announced deals, Delhi NCR had the highest deals, around 110 in 2015YTD. Also, in terms of deal volume, Delhi NCR sealed the top position leaving behind the Bangalore and Mumbai. These startups are generating quality employment opportunities for people belonging to different backgrounds and educational levels.

NCR, a Growing Job Hub

As per one of the recent surveys, it was revealed that Delhi NCR generated the maximum number of jobs in the country. Delhi sealed the top slot with 24% share of job, leaving behind Mumbai (16%), Bangalore (15%), Hyderabad (8%) and Pune (8%) respectively. Noida and Gurgaon are the face of growing India. The cities are doing exceptionally well in terms of job creation. Within a short span of time, Noida and Gurgaon have emerged as the leading job hubs in the country, which is quite commendable!


Delhi along with its NCR region is throwing up abundant career opportunities and so chances of landing in a job automatically gets multiplied. There is no paucity of good jobs in Delhi; however one thing which you need to keep in mind is that industry specific skills and experience would be the key elements in getting a job of your choice!

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