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5 years from today, if your #GoalOfLife is to be at the leading position and be a boss, then today you need to define your journey. Make sure you follow the good advice, and avoid making the faux pass!

What you need to adhere on your path to become a Kick-Ass Boss?

  • Learn when to be patient and when impatient

Sometimes, best things take time to get into shape. Bosses generally create false urgency requirement, which may lead to disappointing results. With any new idea, story or situation, identify when you have to patiently wait for the right time and when you have to be impatient.

Also, today when the world has gone digital, every hour has its own value, so sharpen your senses to spot when you have to lit fire under a person or project to get it done soon and when you have to wait for the right time.

  • Get accustomed to confrontation:

People with different opinions might make it a tough play. But, in real this makes a better team player. With different ideas & opinions, it is possible to explore different horizons of life. And being a boss, you need to know how to explore all the possible opportunities for any particular situation.

  • Don’t surround conversations around your personal growth:
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Make sure that you are always on the right path, but never show off. Your confidence would keep you headstrong and not the boasting.

  • Network, even if a person isn’t of any good to you

Start networking, even if you feel that this particular person might not be of help to you. Just keep in touch with more people, but good and right people. Take it like it is the time to be friends with the good people.

  • Value Personal Life:

Yes, a good boss is the one who lets a father go early to celebrate his son’s birthday. Make a list of all those things that you wish to be understood by your boss. Now, make sure you never disappoint your team at least on the same things, or situations.

  • Plan the game with the new hires

Yes, being a boss, you would have to work for employee retention, but when you would have to hire new team on board, make sure that it is simply bang on. Focus on developing a team that knows how to play for success. And yes, here is a quick tip for you : Stay away from those who want a job just  for the sake of having it.

  • Curiosity & sense of humor go hand in hand
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For a happy and productive team, you need to be humorous as well as curious. So, never overlook these two qualities.

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