The festive season is here and it has to show in your surroundings. Diwali is a couple of days away and you are cleaning your house, giving it a fresh paint job and decorating it with lights. Then, why to leave the workplace behind? Your workplace is as sacred as your home, at least because you spent your major active hours there.

Start garnishing your workplace with these cool ideas –

The drawer beside your work desk or any tiny personal storage space needs to be pulled out and cleaned thoroughly just the way you clean your house. Put away all wrappers, ketchup packets, old tea bags and unneeded paraphernalia. Give the store some breathing space and new stationary to hold or keep.

What is Diwali without diyas! But diyas are cumbersome when put around your workplace. They could also lead to some accidents when not carefully kept or looked over. To solve this problem, you could buy plastic diyas which have a tiny light bulb in them. All you got to do is connect them to a power source and tada! Your workspace is lit up.


Petal Pots
Keeping fresh flowers around the entrance of your office, not only jazzes up the workplace but enthuses a festive working spirit in every employee. Take a hollow vessel, fill it with water and put some flower petals in them. Usually, the most preferred choice of festival flowers are roses of different colours but you can go ahead and choose your favorite!

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Colors are pre-requisite for every festival in India. Rangolis are no exception when it comes to celebrating festivals through colors. Workplace rangolis should be made in a section of the office which is least visited but ever visible by employees. That spot can be fixed for a fine rangoli, which when made is stable enough to be there for a week unless tampered with. Nowadays, you get stencils which make rangoli making a less tiresome exercise; perfect for workplaces.

How do you decorate your workplace ?

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