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‘Why should you pick digital marketing as a career?’

One can be you anyhow you have to do something in life so why not digital marketing. (means: Random Pick)

Second: You actually have those skills that the recruiters today are looking in digital marketers.

Before I decode the career options in digital marketing, I would suggest you to look at this imfographic and identify the talent crunch in digital marketing arena. Com’on, you do need a strategy to do make a mark against those who are already in the industry.


Now that you know the loop holes of this industry, you would know how to plan your approach and start with your career in Digital Marketing. Here are the different options you can choose from:

  • SEO Or Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is used by companies to enhance their web ranking on various search engines via organic method. In digital marketing this is one of the most crucial aspect .

Terms you will be surrounded with: Organic Listing, Blogging, Fresh Content, Google analystics, Link Building, Keyword Research

Avg. starting salary: INR 2.5Lakhs p.a.

  • SEM or Search Engine Marketing

Here too the ultimate focus is to get web ranking via paid or unpaid method. SEO is a subset of SEM, and thus companies need both these services.

Terms you will be surrounded with: Pay Per Click (PPC), Paid Camppaigns, Google Adwords, Analytical Skills, Research Skills

Avg. starting salary: INR 3.0 Lakhs p.a.

  • SMM or Social Media Marketing:

Good digital marketer is expected to market the brand image of the company. You need to learn to harness the power of social media and promote the brand.

Terms you will be surrounded with: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Videos, NewsFeed, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Text, Graphics

Avg. starting salary: INR 2.0 Lakhs p.a.

  • EM or Email Marketing

Another way to market a company is by sending newsletters, or conducting email campagins. If this interests you, then you can pick a career as email marketer.

Terms you will be surrounded with: Periodic Newsletters, Email Surveys, Email Analytics, Autoresponders, Promo Emails,

Avg. starting salary: INR 3.0 Lakhs p.a.

  • MM or Mobile Marketing

Smartphones has made a way for a lot new things. Companies can directly reach to their customers via SMSes. So, if you are a mobile freak and have learned the tricks, you can easily work on tant updates, promo offers and information of customers’ interests.

Terms you will be surrounded with: SMS, In-Game Mobile Marketing, QR Codes, MMS, Push notifications, App Based Marketing, Bluetooth

Avg. starting salary: INR 3.5 Lakhs p.a.

  • WA or Web Analytics

this is another interesting career aspect. A web analytic expert has to work on traffic analysis, business and market research and enhancing the website traffic.

Terms you will be surrounded with: Google Analytics, Yahoo wen Analytics, Piwik, Omniture, Clicky

Avg. starting salary: INR 3.5 Lakhs p.a.

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