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Job search and resumes go hand in hand, but the twist is in how creatively you can help these hold hands. Yes, history says creative resumes have given people varied degree of success that is worth sharing. Here are three great examples, who really nailed it with their creativity, have a look.

Creative Resume

  1. Phillippe Dubost: Emulated Amazon Page

Much in news, Phillippe Dubost created a resume that looked like Amazon product page. Have a look:

Philippe Dubost Resume

He himself has quoted the results or reach of his online resume on his LinkedIn profile. The level of the details and the way it is quoted is worth applause.

Philippe Dubost resume


  1. Ben Wong : 16 pages Resume

It is always advised to keep the resume to one page for its effectiveness. But Ben Wong proved it wrong with his 16 pages of creativity on slideshare. He currently has 170,246 views & counting. He has perfectly highlighted all his awards & achievements and even used illustrations precisely.

  1. Robby Leonardi : A game or an interactive resume?

Robby Leonardi gave a fun time to recruiters with his resume. Recruiters do not even have to spend the crucial 10 seconds on glancing at his resume; instead they can just relax their stress, play a game and get to know about Robby Leonardi. His resume is actually a disguise in video game where you run & enjoy the thrill ride to learn about his experience & achievements.

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Interactive Resume


All these examples of creative resumes are not just interactive & engaging but motivating too. Are you not motivated to create one for yourself? Exactly, you need to go overboard to make your presence felt and mark a level of difference for yourself. And for that you have to shun the old resume tricks to give creative revival to your resume.

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