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Even today, organizations are occupied in finding the best of candidates through all possible hiring strategies. Considering whether their TA or talent acquisition team is ideal enough might not be their priority. However, as companies grow, the task of making tough hiring decisions remains incomplete without the existence of a strong talent acquisition team.

Indeed, the quality of talent acquisition teams determines the quality of candidates hired, the quality of existing employees, the quality of office culture and the attrition rate. We can also say that hiring of wrong recruiters can lead to bad hires, an unproductive workforce and ultimately a poor brand value.

How does a strong talent acquisition team appear?

A perfect talent acquisition team is an amalgamation of specialists enlisted below:

– HR consultants
– Hiring professionals- Executives & Managers
– Recruiters – Junior & Senior
– Sourcing specialists
– Recruiting managers
– Talent acquisition experts
– Talent acquisition managers

With all these HR professionals, you cannot only envision but also ensure to create a strong employer brand.

How will a talent acquisition team work?

It is simple. The hiring managers will put forth the vacant positions to the sourcing experts. The sourcing professionals would begin to provide a list of shortlisted candidates to the recruiters. Once the initial screening is done by junior recruiters, the successful candidates will be forwarded under the screening of senior recruiters. The interviews would be scheduled by recruiting coordinators and finally the talent acquisition managers would negotiate on salary packages and close selected candidates. With such a flawless recruitment process, you can never go wrong with any of the hiring decisions.

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Even if you are small or mid-size company, you can initiate by hiring a generalist recruiter who would manage every facet of the hiring procedure from candidate sourcing to onboarding employees as well as creating future talent pools. You don’t have to hire a senior recruiter. When you scale up, you can further fortify it with a broad talent acquisition team.

How do you find a Talent Acquisition Team?

Realize that talent acquisition is not just about hiring candidates but also involves employee engagement, employee retention, as well as, succession planning. This means, the talent acquisition team you would create must have individuals who possess specialized skills in shaping your organization and taking your brand to the next level. Here you can start with finding a talent acquisition team.

1. Look for these Traits

As you proceed with finding candidates who are the best match for your ideal TA team, look for these qualities, in particular, to evaluate them better:

– People skills
– Project management skills
– An intrusive nature
– Sales skills
– Engagement skills
– Creativity

2. Use the power of social media

Great sourcing professionals are always right in socializing on social platforms. Let that crowd know you are seeking talent acquisition specialists. Look for them on recruiting groups such as LinkedIn and try connecting with candidates with over 500 connections. You may then end up meeting the best sourcing professionals in the industry.

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3. Try Conventional Search

Modern techniques are evolving but conventional is always a golden, way to find the best from the rest. What it means when you are finding a talent acquisition team?

– Post a job advertisement
– Create persuasive job descriptions
– Showcase best salary package
– Tell them who you need
– Showcase your existing team
– Focus on employer branding

How do you select the best?

You have received all applicants from candidates. Now it is time to identify whom to select from the best professionals in order to build a strong talent acquisition team. Know that your potential applicants might appear from diverse backgrounds. For instance, you may come across software engineers who have a vast knowledge base around IT recruiting. If you are an IT organization, having a hiring team that knows the intricacies of the industry is a value added forever. However, the right hiring also means you recruit individuals who are good fits and can further hire good fits for organizational growth.

Candidate Evaluation Process

How do you go forward with the candidate evaluation process?

Begin with the initial screening process and ask applicants to complete a pre-employment assignment. The results would determine whom to finally call for the interview. During the interview, you must assess candidates on basis of their candidate relationship skills, how they create sourcing messages, how they negotiate on salaries, what are their creative ideas on employee engagement and how do they approach with employee retention in times of crises.

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The value of asking the appropriate interview questions goes a long way in creating the strengthened talent acquisition team. What to look while shortlisting?

– Candidates familiar with Applicant Tracking
– Candidates familiar with other HR analytics tools
– Candidates familiar with the latest hiring trends
– Candidates who are familiar with hiring strategies that can be linked to the most recent hiring trends.
– Candidates familiar with employer branding
– Candidates familiar with metrics

Once you have hired a couple of recruitment professionals, you will be sure to create the right Talent Acquisition Team.

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