Employer Branding via Employees

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“As per Gallup, around 59% employees feel disconnected with their company’s mission, goals and brand value; the root cause of workforce dissatisfaction worldwide. According to CareerBuilder, 67% applicants are willing to accept a lower package if the company has exceptionally positive review.”

The world of recruitment has changed and so has the candidate requirements. The current workforce is using smart devices to search and apply for a job. On an average, around 74% candidates use an official career site as their primary resource for research on career/organizational information. Not merely concentrated towards getting employed, candidates now look to an employer brand with greater growth potential and an engaging work environment.

Recruiting professionals now understand the value of creating a strong market presence and use online/offline channels to promote company culture & brand value. Approximately 76% companies are exploring social media channels to enhance their brand presence.

As per a professional networking website’s report, a company with strong employer brand has approximately 28% lower turnover rate if compared to those with less-stellar branding practices.

However, marketing of any sort comes with a price tag. Companies spend millions on recruitment yet are not able to have a 100% turnover rate. After spending hours and millions to create an employer brand, an average employer brand ROI expectation that an employer can have is 89%.

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Employer Branding via Employees
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In the current scenario, candidates are the drivers, and all that businesses needs to derive value out of a present situation which is by creating a stellar employer brand.

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The ‘Word of Mouth’ Marketing

Technique 1: The ‘Elevator Pitch

Make sure all your employees know ‘what do you do as a company’, also known as the elevator pitch.  ‘What your company does’ is the first question asked in any social gathering, making it an excellent branding moment. Convert your employees into a successful employer brand by providing them with a crystal-clear elevator pitch.

Technique 2: Employee Retention

As a company, you must always focus on retaining your current employees. High turnover rates symbolize otherwise. Provided that 55% of the job seekers are constantly looking for employment opportunities, employers are advised to map out a strategic employee development and retention plan. One of the best ways is to improve upon delivering the brand promise and actually practice ‘what the company culture preaches about’.

Technique 3: Share Great Employee Stories

People often stick to an organization that has great manager. If your company has great people with great stories, provide them with a platform to share the same outside the walls of your firm. What could be better than a human voice pitching your company culture out loud?

Technique 4: Let Your Employees Express Their Daily Experience

Apart from creating a platform to share great employee stories, provide all your employees with a platform to express their regular work experiences. Live photos, videos and messages are a couple of  ways to demonstrate ‘life or work culture’ at an organization. Live employee chats are also a great add-on to the ‘word of mouth’ marketing technique.

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Technique 5: Employee Ambassadorship

Leave the nest and start encouraging employee ambassadorship through industry communities where your potential candidates are. Participating in the industry surveys and online/offline discussion are a great way to start.

Technique 6: Build an Employee Brand through an Individual Brand

Employee’s participation within tech communities, online channels such as blogging and social channels enables them to build an individual brand. When this particular brand gets in sync with company’s mission, it benefits the entire organization and its brand value.

One of the best examples is Matt Cutts of Google. He has become the face of Google SEO Community. His blogging, community participation and public speaking are followed by millions and helps Google with its employer brand via Cutts individual brand.

Technique 7: Transparency within the Organization

Businesses are too engrossed in painting a picture perfect view of candidates and fail to understand that it’s not affecting their environment positively. Instead of depicting what’s not there, organizations must start keeping transparency in company culture, work, and problems and allow employees to figure out how they can contribute towards the success of the organization. Transparency creates engagement and promotes open communication.

Technique 8: Own a ‘White Space’

As a business, you need to identify a ‘white space’ in the industry, fill it and then do everything possible to own that space. For instance, you may find numerous companies making constant effort towards educating audience over several market scenario via videos, news, articles and surveys. All that these firms intent to do is identify consumer need and voiced an issue that affects millions as well as help mass fill in the existing gap which, on the other hand, will help them as a firm create an unique employer brand.

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Technique 9: Say YES to Innovation

Leading organizations always provide an independent space for innovation. They welcome ideas with open arms and encourage employees to be inner-entrepreneurial entities. Experimenting at the workplace is one of the most rewarding experience that an employee can ever have. Organizations need to foster, support and reward innovation in every form possible.

Last But Not the Least Technique 10: Keep Your Employees Happy

Perhaps the most important one that organizations fail to understand ‘keeping employees happy’. A dissatisfied member venting their anger online can render all your efforts useless. A happy employee is critical towards establishing and maintaining an employer brand. Make sure that your employees know how important they are to the organization and what value does their contribution holds.

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