Beating the Monday morning down to the dust, we have some of the funniest and craziest things people said in thier job interviews and surprisingly still got the job. Their stories are not only funny to read, but enigmatic too. Here goes-

Rick Stephan
He defines himself as a curious introvert trying to make a mark in the marketing world.
In an interview with Microsoft Canada for the Co-Op position many years ago, he committed the following blunder-

Interviewer: So our department manages things like Microsoft Hardware, Software, X-Box, and the Zune…

Rick: The Zune?

Interview: The Zune is our version of the iPod. I’m surprised you didn’t know that!

Rick (with a grin): Well I suppose that’s your fault, isn’t it?

And he got the job.


Richard Waddington
Richard had been in the same company for over a decade and thought it was time to move on. So one fine day he went for an interview after a long time, keeping everything perfect, right from his hair to his shoes.
As he was heading out, his daughter who was four at that time handed him a little plastic cow from a play set for good luck. Overwhelmed by the gesture, Richard gave her a big hug and headed for the interview.

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Richard was happy as he was prodded about technical questions and at last the VP of the HR department asks – says “I’ve heard good things from the interview team, but I do have one concern. You look like a pretty straight-laced guy, and, well, things get a little crazy here from time to time.  How do I know you’ll fit in?”

Without thinking Richard blurted out, “I have a cow in my pocket!”

He got the job.

Ram Visvanathan
Ram was sitting for a campus interview during his undergrad from a reputed technical institute in India. Here is how the story unfolds-

Interviewer:  Tell me something about you that we can’t get from your resume
Ram:  I’m a very popular person in our class.
Interviewer:  How popular?
Ram:  (Without stopping to think for a minute):  8th popular person in class.
Interviewer:  (Little puzzled with the answer)  8th popular?
Ram:  Yes.  There are 7 girls in our class.

The interviewer(s) burst into laughter.

Of course he got the job!
Try something different in your next job interview!


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