The job market is dull in many sectors still and there are numerous applicants for every job. While its true that resumes can make a difference, HR managers and recruiters now also need to wade through too many of them. Especially in cases where you have been asked to send a resume to an email address, there is likely to be a human being at the other end, wading through loads of resumes. How do you make yours stand out in this pile?

You use a cover letter!

If you are posting your resume online or forwarding it to your contacts and trying your luck, a cover letter might not be essential. But when you are applying for a specific position or replying to an advertisement, sending a cover letter along with your resume can be of great help. A cover letter is generally not expected by many Indian employers, but that is no reason for you not to send one if it is going to make your case.

Cover letters are especially useful to those with an unusual situation when applying for a job; for example, if you are changing your field of work, or if you have taken a sabbatical for some reason, a cover letter gives the employer a little more explanation than a resume can provide. Another advantage of a cover letter is that it is more personal, and some of your personality can come through when it is written well.

In a tough job market, you need every advantage you can get, so its time to not only polish your resume, but write a creative cover letter that explains your career goals, and why you are a right fit for this position. Here is what you need to write a good cover letter for a job.

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