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Like many other HR managers, you are perhaps looking for new HR technology that can offer support with time and attendance, recruiting, payroll, compliance or combination of everything. However, finding the right solution is just the beginning, the hard part is to convince your boss or CxO to invest in HR tech solutions.

The big concern is, “Where do you even start”?

There is no deny that each C—suite member often has different priorities. Here, building consensus is not a cake walk.

If you are struggling to find ways to convince your boss to provide you budget for HR technology upgrade. Here are best suggestions for getting CxO on-board.

When we talk about the B2B purchase, on average 5-6 executives have to sign the budget approval formally. However, before reaching the final agreement – there is one important question you must answer to close the final deal.

The thrilling question – What is in it for me?

Your entire HR software proposal should be framed around this question. Your sales people already uses this tactic, and now it is your turn to highlight the pain points of your CxO.

First, precisely align your proposal with what is in it for each CxO of various departments’ right from Information Technology to Human Resource to Finance to Marketing to Chief Executive Officer.

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Now, leverage following tactics to push your boss for this major HR software purchase.

5 ingenious ways to unite CxO on HR technology investment

HR Technology
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1. Show them bigger picture

You need to show precisely how your system is going to benefit the entire organisation. Business leaders would never invest in any technology that would benefit only one department or so. They have to look a whole business and it is where you are required to present it as an organization-wide solution.

Bottom Line

– For cloud software, explain the ability to request PTO, benefits of employee-self-service and perform basic data entry.

– Mention how advanced analytics will help to increase retention rate and improve efficiency.

– Talk about the benefits of better recruiting throughout an enterprise.

2. Do not give them a reason to say “No.”

Do your maths and prove your knowledge. Do not go to the CxO with the proposal saying, “We need this software”, as they most likely say “No”.

Bottom Line

– Remember, the more you come with, the less chance they have to shut you down.

– Prepare a fully-formed proposal and do not leave the scope of “if and but”.

– Mention the strategy you have in place right from procurement to implementation to training to roll-out.

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3. Involve IT early on

It is a brilliant idea to include IT department right from the beginning. Although, HR technology today is available on a cloud which means they are less expensive, more accessible to recruiters and candidates as well as require less maintenance. Even so, IT department might have plenty of concerns around downtime, security and data when they implement the system.

Bottom Line

– Make your IT team comfortable early with the system you are planning to bring on board.

– To select the best possible solution – go over critical infrastructure.

– Leverage the knowledge of IT to exploit the benefits of suggested HR software while designing your proposal.

4. Subdue budget concerns

One of the principal obstacles you need to sweep away is the cost of your new software. No matter it is a minor add-on to your existing system or major upgrade requiring massive investment – you are needed to talk about numbers.

Bottom Line

– Start by assigning the monetary value to the time saved and efficiency of bringing the new system on board.

– Calculate exactly how the new software will improve the efficiency in your department and throughout the enterprise.

Note – This is the language that C-suite speaks and understand.

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5. Keep a case study handy

Your boss may not take seriously everything you say based on face value. After all, you are just proposing a solution and demanding an investment. Here you need a back-up.

Bottom Line

– Always compare the scenario with your competition. Nothing can present your case better than proving that competition has the upper hand over you.

– Take time to find the most appropriate case study that provides value to your proposal.

It is never easy to bring CxO on board for new technology upgrade as it requires huge investments. However, when you have a solid proposal backed by numbers and research, then it will certainly make an impact. Try these tips mentioned above to get right HR technology and transform your organisation.

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