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There are job destinations which are thronged by job seekers from all over the country, and which does leave us perplex when it comes to deciding which city to move to for better job options and professional growth. So keeping this in mind, here in this article I will help you choose between Pune and Noida,as your job destination.

Jobs in Pune

Pune is the cultural capital of India, as well as the education hub. However, with changing times Pune is arising as an automobile manufacturing hub as well as an IT hub. Jobs in Pune are widely available for those who have educational qualification in technical domain, as the industries here rely primarily on the skills of engineering graduates.

If you are an engineering graduate from the domain of mechanical engineering, automobile or production, you have higher job prospects in the automobile manufacturing industry here. Not just domestic players, but famous international brands have established their manufacturing units which are operating in a full swing.

IT sector also employs those with qualification from the domain of computer science and information technology. Fresh graduates are highly sought after, as fresh minds are easier to mould according to the business requirements of the companies based here. The presence of professional colleges and institutes is the prime reason for the in-flux of IT companies in this city as talented and skilled resources are made available to them easily, to take up roles in these companies for their smoother operations.

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Jobs in Noida

Noida is an industrial city located near Delhi and is a part of the National Capital Region popularly known as the Delhi-NCR. Owing to its proximity to the capital of India business owners and corporate houses prefer establishing their operations in the city. Also the state government’s efforts to make this city as a prominent job destination, is now bearing fruits.

IT companies are based here, some of which are major brand names and offer enormous boost to your career. IT professionals prefer this city as there are job opportunities that keep coming up, not only in Noida but also in the Delhi NCR, making it easier for them to switch jobs in case they find a better opportunity, with higher packages and a level up in their profile.

Media houses, news channels are also based here, with valuable job prospects for media professionals to prove their worth and establish themselves as reputed and sound professionals in this industry.

Real estate is another booming industry, which offers career prospects with higher earning potential as well as a secured future. Real estate developers from the domestic as well as international markets have projects that are undergoing, and the job prospects that they offer are lucrative and secured from career stand point, as one can easily change jobs which is possible due to a wide base of companies from this job sector.

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Both Pune and Noida are equally worthwhile for those from the IT sector. However, those who have experience and skills to take up roles in marketing and sales functions in the real estate sector have higher job prospects in Noida, owing to its booming real estate industry.

So those from IT sector can look for jobs in Pune as well as Noida, and those from the domain of marketing and sales must scout for jobs in Noida, that are present in the real estate sector

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