If you are the only woman in the team handling a project and going through a tough time communicating, here we are at your service. Firstly, understand that you are as good as any of the men. If you get that bit, then you get the confidence which is required to communicate with gusto. Male-dominated agencies have this thing of not taking women workers seriously. Break the stereotype. Get in the tough mold and let your ideas take shape. Communication with fellow employees comes once, you are confident about your work. Be a hard nut, because if they don’t get your politeness they most naturally deserve it.


Establish Dominance
Men like to win conversations, while women like to compliment them. That appears to be the general notion. But if you got to have your say in matters worth doing, make sure you establish your dominance over the group. Mark sheets and state facts. Give them hard bound and covered stuff to back on. Rather than just providing opinions, base it on deep-rooted facts. That would make you be an equal, of not a superior player in the game of conversations.


Cease The ‘good girl’ Syndrome
Everything in the man’s world is tough and rough. At least, that is what they think. Nobody understands too much goodness and hence, you have to do away with that innate quality of yours. Be a taskmaster and a game-changer. Be the person they envy, because that is how they will love the way you do things. Following this format, you will see male counterparts copying your style and as they say, imitation is the best form of flattery. The idea is to raise your hand and hit it instantly, do not linger do not procrastinate. You are awesome and whatever you speak is as awesome. Keep going!

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Make Conflict a Sport
You were taught since the very beginning to avoid conflicts and be the peacemaker. Well, peaceful confrontations never leave an impact. Make the rules of the communication game and play them ruthlessly. Get to the bottom of the pit. Speak with thunder and let the rest of them see what metal you are made of. Men have a habit of playing games aggressively; the communicators among them are further skilled to convey the message in the rough plausible manner. How about you change these scenarios and bring about a more convincing communication plan with you at the helm. Never shy away from being the leader!


Convey The Power Language
Friendliness is not a virtue of the ferocious. You have to understand that authority and power make for benchmarks of communication strategists among the team. The tone of voice matters as much as what the content is. You have all the right to make sound more heavy-duty. The weight in the voice should be well-understood by the rest of the male party, that you aren’t playing it like a sitting duck but as a fully-skilled independent woman of power and performance. And you love it!

You go girl!

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