Mistakes in Employee Recognition Programs

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Well mistakes are not a problem, but not learning from them definitely is. Do not take me wrong here; I am not asking you to first commit it and then learn from it, you surely can learn from other’s failure too, because committing same failure again is no common sense.

Mistakes in Employee Recognition Programs

That’s what made me identify most common errors HRs and leaders make while implementing employee recognition programs. A well initiated employee recognition program can fail too; credits to few silly and few big mistakes. If you do not want that to happen, learn from these mistakes:

  • Not getting right facts: In an annual meeting, you are recognizing your employee for having 100% attendance in this year. Superb initiation, but ooops, you named him wrong. It wasn’t Mr. Chopra, it was Mr. Sharma. This is not acceptable, you have to have precise facts before you formally announce any news. It’s not just embarrassing but incorrect acknowledgement can lead to negative impact as well.
  • Giving incentives is not recognizing: Do not confuse employee recognition with employee incentives. Incentive is a token that you pre announce for achieving targets, but recognizing is a step ahead. It appreciating an extra effort and motivating others to do it, so as to achieve healthy work relationships, build a strong team, and attain business goals.
  • Not Using a Strategy: I hope you have been following the series of #employeerecognitionmatters, and by now you know why it is important for your organization. You cannot afford to take a risk by implementing employee recognition programs without a strategy. Avoid randomly recognizing anyone, as it might breed enviousness. Doing good without a strategy may lead to more harm, so beware!
  • Failing to keep a track: Employee recognition program is too delicate; even a single mistake can cost big. You MUST keep track of EVERY occasion, no matter what the situation is. Doing this is easy for team leaders and managers that is why it is suggested that managers have to play a crucial role in these programs.
  • Not Announcing The Program: If out of the blue, you appreciate someone and recognize an employee, then that might be offensive to those who had been working hard for a long now. It is important that you pre-announce employee recognition program to give a formal start and then give it a push.
  • Allowing The Program To Die Off: Once started, you must not back off with employee recognition programs. Backing off gives negative impact to the employees. Suppose, you have announced this program, and employees have started paying extra efforts in even small tasks, and then you back off, imagine what impact would it make on employees. It is really disheartening for them.
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