Increasing productivity in teams is not an easy task, especially when one can’t point out the task done by different team members. There is more that can be done to make a great cohesive team, than just invest more money and time into your work. Small changes in the culture of operation of teams can level-up the productivity over time. Overworked employees don’t make for fantastic productivity giver, they burn out faster and provide for the bad health if the company.

A change or a shift from your current culture to a new culture which would in turn increase productivity is something that everyone looks forward to. Enlisted below are some easy changes for you to employ with your team.

No Meetings
A day in the week should be fixed by the team leader when nobody should go through any meeting with anybody, be it client servicing or creative people. That day should be designated for focused individual work. Every person needs his/her time to get into the zone to accomplish tasks. A day can provide for more such splendid work than a number of days focused towards daily meeting and superficial creativity.

Walk It Out
It is more than important to get up and talk. Conduct meetings and discussions outside while you walk the talk. Keeping it outside the room, boosts the creative level of people who might feel enclosed and bounded by the walls. New surroundings bring out new ideas and heighten the productivity levels. Brainstorming while walking is a great relaxant for the mind, not to mention the health benefits of walking!

Share it All
Have weekly meetings for the team on how much they achieved and how much was left unsettled. Grunting and cribbing brings a feeling of oneness and makes for team unity in standing with the person in hard times. If you share the pain, chances are that it does not hit that hard. Sharing also means some people might as well come up with nice solutions for them too. When there are fun-parts of work, there are difficult parts too and everything should be shared to make employees happy and productive.

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Switch Tasks
Doing your everyday tasks can be mundane, in trying to curb that depressing feeling team leaders should switch less crucial tasks so that people learn something new out and out of ordinary. Not only will they be happy to help, they would have the feeling that the company thinks about them gaining something as well. The good part being, you might just not know when an engineer can make the coolest copy for some client. By this, work and happiness both get done in one shot.

Creative Work spaces
Employees sitting on the same seat day in and day out can have a terrible effect on their productivity. Little changes here and there in the working space can make for big changes in the productivity. Having areas in office which have comfortable couches or maybe kitchen tables, conferences rooms which are just not the usual place of the employee workspace are a great way to give a new outlook and hence, increase productivity.

What are you doing today?



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