Women’s Week: Celebrating the Stories of Top Women Employers

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In the course of recent years, the status of women has witnessed a noticeable transition. The advancement of women in almost every sector especially in India has been impactful.  Also, the appearance of innovation and expansion in the world of digitalization has opened a gateway of opportunities for women in the nation. We can today proudly find women taking a dive into diverse segments of careers and pursuing their dreams in the most graceful way. Furthermore, while in the process of balancing their family and entrepreneurial ambitions together, women have out shown themselves on the canvas of growth.

What women managers working in different industries must adapt?

CareerBuilder India has penned down some of the well-known women entrepreneurs who have made it to the top by picking up unconventional fields:

1. Neelam Dhawan

Managing Director of Hewlett-Packard India,

The woman figure was earlier handling a successful role in Microsoft India as she upgraded the operating efficiency, and also, its financial performance. Neelam at her present association holds an effective responsibility for revenues generating from HP services and systems. In addition to this, Ms. Dhawan has worked with brands including IBM and HCL, has splendidly turned out to be fruitful in her career. The MBA graduate believes perseverance and dedication as her two core strengths owing to which she has achieved an aspiring position for other women.

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2. Swati Gupta

Co-founder of Industrybuying.com

Swati has left a benchmark in positioning herself strongly in the B2B market space. With over 12 years of experience in Supply Chain Management, the MTech woman has successfully run the techno market with her multiple skills and roles in diverse geographical locations. Been associated with the industrybuying.com since day one, Swati feels proud in where she is. According to this woman co-founder, India is a fantastic country to establish a startup as she envisions a bright future of the B2B market in the technology space.

Women’s Week: Celebrating the Stories of Top Women Employers

3. Seema Lal Gulabrani

Associate GM, Sopra Group

With Masters in Computer Applications, Seema is an architect in software solutions for her Europe based clients. She works on software solutions right from conceptualizing to the implementation phase. Also, known as a multiple-talented person, Seems also works with engineering teams at an operational level. With a background of NIIT, Seema started working as a software engineer and while on the break from the corporate culture, she gained knowledge about startups. Working with Sopra Group since 2003, Seema is passionate about the job she does and feels happy sharing her success journey which has made her a professional technology expert.

 4. Kirthiga Reddy

Managing Director, Facebook India

With 132 million monthly active users on Facebook, Kirthiga Reddy has simply proved her passion for her job role i.e.; Sales and Advertising operations in India. According to the managing director, user consumption of media is transiting into the digital stage, and Facebook has given her an opportunity make global users more connected through social media. Over the years, her role and love for her work has been her inspiration.

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Despite the job role you might be into, making it to the top requires aspiration with commitment towards your employment. Recruiting, being a challenging industry for women can not only help you evolve as an employer but also as a pioneer in your role who understands what to impart, how to impart, and when to impart. An upbeat working environment after all is not just about happy employees but also about great bosses, motivating managers and aspiring leaders.

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