Oprah Winfrey has been a role model for people of every generation. The inspiration has a perfect rags-to-riches story. She rose from the shackles of poverty to become one of the leading women entrepreneurs and influential speakers in the world.

Whatever be the occasion, Oprah has a story to tell. What’s more, her stories never fail to convince! So when you think about Oprah, you think of a powerful woman with a strong personality and the attitude to carry it. Many people have turned to Oprah and her talk shows for advice on matters varying from obesity to political turmoil. CareerBuilder India turns to the media queen for some advice on interviews, women entrepreneurs, and success. Here are quick bites from Oprah’s food for thought on career.

1. Strive: This goes out for everyone who is a part of the job market. The phrase that there “is no free lunch” is actually absolutely true. You have to strive to reach where you want to be. As an art director you have to be creative, as a real estate agent you have to strive to be practical and as a doctor you have strive to be emotionally balanced.

2. Get Noticed: There is nothing wrong in being the center of attention. In fact it is essential to get the attention before you become important. And, everyone wants to be important. No one likes to be ignored. Get yourself known and stand-out. As just another engineer in the team, how do you think you are making a difference? Even if you are not, how do you ensure that you are in the ‘favorites list’ of your seniors?

3. Perseverance: Perseverance is not just another fancy word for a job attitude that you need to maintain at the professional front. Enthusiasm may get you a great start but it is consistency and perseverance that will take you everywhere where success is. Your initial investments in terms of time, money and effort, on your PHP development business may not pay off immediately. Nonetheless, perseverance will help you turn all odds to your advantage.

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4. Don’t ‘Over Plan’: This one career lesson is for women in the corporate world. Often the topic of women being at homes and on the business front is debated and discussed with the conclusion being that women can’t have it all. Oprah discusses a different perspective on the same. She says why over plan? When there is a lot going on, it is often wise to act as and when things happen. Prioritize at the moment, and then, let go. While the approach sounds interesting and fascinating, it can also be challenging.

5. Moral Support Networks: Whether you have people outside work who inspire you to be a better person or a group of colleagues who share a bright perspective on career and life, join them. Moral support networks act like negativity interrupters. They stop you from falling in the self-critic mode. They keep you happy, active and positive. As drivers of motivation these groups contribute a great deal to your success.

Oprah or Orpah (many don’t know that the latter is the correct spelling of her name), has a sorted-out approach on many things essential for being a survivor. She knows that “if you want success, you can’t make success your goal”. What makes her encapsulate such profound insights? She is a genius, or maybe she never misses an opportunity to learn.

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