You probably might have experienced this before when you were younger, but let’s repeat the scenario. As soon as you passed the eighth grade, your parents started lecturing you about the career choices you ought to make.
Okay, there might have been exceptions in this case too, like there are in every other; however, going by majority it can be said that careers have been stereotyped since ages. Remember your aunts mocking art as their kid’s career choice.
Now for those who think only a few careers are stereotypes against, would there be some relief in knowing that sales as a career choice also has to bear the brunt of innumerable stereotypes? CareerBuilder India brings forth some stereotypes that sales has to go through:


1. You Have to Have the Gift of the Gab: It is believed that only someone who is eloquent can be a god sales person. Thankfully, it’s just a stereotype. Within the sales domain too, there are innumerable options that require analytical and interpretive skills rather than Sales skill set. Take the job of a product forecaster. That role does not require you to possess an excellent score on verbal skills.

2. Aggressive Attitude: It is believed that those in the marketing career should be extremely insistent in their behavior. Basically, they have to be like tough nuts. However, this is not true. Flexibility is an important trait of people who belong to the sales arena. They need to be flexible in the decision making process. They also need quite flexible when it comes to changing sales strategies.

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3. Too Much Pressure: You would argue that marketing and sales are the busiest and most stressful jobs in the market. You would be made to feel the discomfort so often, even at the stage that you are still reading your text book that you will think twice about your future in the industry. Relax, isn’t every job stressful? The pressure cooker talks are just a part of the grapevine.

4. Number Games: Another stereotype that prevails is that sales is just about numbers. Now that wouldn’t be a stereotype, if there was a little change in the statement. Sales, to some extent, is a numbers game. But, it’s not just about numbers.
Admittedly, our career choices, to some extent are shaped by influences. Those influences may be good or bad, but unless you have done thorough research on your career choices, influences are just stereotypes.


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