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Do you know what’s next in your career? This is what Career Carve helps the job seekers with. Mr. Swaroop N S, Co-Founder of CareerCarve talks to CareerBuilder India on different aspects that a job seeker must not ignore while looking for job and also what recruiters must convey to job seekers other than the job description.

What kind of decision making products does your company provide?

There is a lack of structured information as far as making a career decision is concerned. A lot of people, who want to change their job, do so without understanding what is that they are getting into. So, our sets of products at our portal enable this kind of discussions for the job seekers so that ultimately when they get into a new job, they have done the same with the right kind of information and having thought out many aspects that they would otherwise not have thought about.

Apart from the job vacancy what are the other things that should be communicated to the candidates?

Apart from sharing the job description with the job portal, I think it is important to share things like what is the company culture, what is the career progression that is possible, what should they look forward to, how people are motivated or engaged, these kinds of things when presented to a potential recruit, I think it helps in better career decision making.

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Will educating the recruit comprehensively benefit employees?

The industry, as a whole, has to invest in educating the recruiter and the recruit about what it is that they are getting into. This will decide not only in hiring efficiency but I think there is an overall improvement in the kind of attrition that people will see, the level of engagement, the ability to perform on day 1 which overall I think is extremely beneficial for the company.

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