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Career Advice is like any opinion, everyone has some to share.
We have all at different points in life received various career advices. Ranging from “Have some yogurt and sugar before an interview” right down to “Under promise but over deliver”, some have been downright hilarious while some have been real pearls of wisdom.

But, there is always that one advice which strikes home, and consciously or subconsciously we always try to work according to it, or towards achieving it.

For me, the advice that I received, that really stuck with me, was about career, life, and passion. After that sentence it seems like a very obvious advice about how you should love what you do and be passionate about it. But the advice that I got actually takes this one step further.

Of course you should always try to love what you do and do what you love, but what you should be passionate about, is trying to be the best. It doesn’t matter what field you choose, it doesn’t matter what sector you select, what matters is that whatever you do, whatever step you take, should all be directed towards being the best.

The first question that comes to mind on hearing that is “How can everyone be the Best?”
Trust me, that’s not what this advice is about. Breaking this down into bits and pieces, the take from this advice for me is that when you try with all your being to become the best in whatever you do, you give it all you have; you give it your best shot. Even if that does not make you the best in the world, it still makes you the best you can be. Everyone is ambitious about their respective fields of work, but when you ingrain into your being, the thirst to become number 1, is when you rise above and your ambition gets an entirely new outlook.

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For this, the first and most important person, who needs to believe in you, is you. Once you have that down, take a good look at the leaders and the legends of your field. See how they did what they did.

Once you know that, map out what you need to do and then take it a step further. For every task you do, give it your best shot and let it shine for that is what your legacy will be. Set a benchmark for yourself and then shatter it to pieces as you rise above it.

To sum it up, do what you love but let your passion give you a never ending thirst to be the best you can be, set up measurable goals and monitor you progress so you can better your performance continuously.

What was the best advice you ever got? Share it with us in the comments section.

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