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CareerBuilder India talks to Shreya Krishnan-Head, Marketing & Communications at First Advantage in #CB HR Talk during ‘TAC in Mumbai’ on the importance of employee background verification check for every organization. Shreya Krishnan is designated as Head, Marketing & Communications at First Advantage, which is a portfolio company of the Symphony Technology Group. First Advantage is into business of background screening verification.

Shreya answers for why First advantage is the part of Talent Acquisition Conclave. She says, “Talent, when you are hiring from talent pool, it comes from different box of lives. A lot of people are looking for jobs, a lot of people are in the unemployment segment and want to join a company, so there is a huge degree of risk when you are hiring people.

Upon this, Ankur Tandon, Marketing Manager at CareerBuilder India, initiated to know the main reason for background verification, for which Ms. Krishnan said, “To ensure that we have a safe workplace and safe environment or do we do this because it’s a check list and one of our clients in the U.S. has mandated us to do this. Unfortunately, because the awareness is low still in most sectors, this is done because it’s a mandate and not because we really understand the implications of hiring people without actually checking their backgrounds.” She further continued, “Background checks that actually make us want to this after the person comes onboard. What is background verification happened at the stage of hire after you have filtered the first level of people who have come on board and then you go ahead and give them the offer letters.”

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Ms. Krishnan was further asked about why the background verification is vital, for which she commented, “If you are looking at value or at cost, it is usually at 0.5 to 0.8 percent of the entire annual salary of a person that you are going to hire in the IT and other IT segments. So, why has this become imperative is mainly because of the fact that you automatically promise a safer work environment, you reduce a CXO liability that is liable to risk in case something happens when he is a part of the organization because group can’t represent her thorough and there is a ground element that came on board.”

Shreya even explained how background verification helps in knowing the hired candidate better. She said, “Background verification gives you an idea of the kind of people you are hiring. In India, the discrepancies are added on to 10%, so every 100 people you hire, there is a 10% population who has lied about some part of their background on their resumes. So, this is what we call discrepancy.  What if we could put a stop cap at this and do the screening before hand, this ensures that you will have a right kind of people coming in.

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