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When we are healthy, we are better able to combat life’s challenges and give our best to whatever situation we are into. Workplace being the second home for employees, there are inevitable hardships, which become the reason for stress and ultimately leading into decreased productivity. Lower back pains, poor focus on work, frustration of bad decisions all end up having decreased job satisfaction amongst employees.

The surveys reveal that most employees do not find working healthy for them as it cuts their productivity. Many employees even juggle between creating a work life balance while dealing with workplace and personal problems. When both increase, these become a source of unhappiness and reduced will power to work anymore.  All this taken into consideration, CareerBuilder dig into the research to find out the best way employers can keep their employees working in a healthy condition, engage, motivate and retain them for a longer haul, further ensuring that they are satisfied with their work.

We all know that Yoga is a time-tested practice that brings boundless energy, focus, and inner peace to those who perform deep-breathing exercises on a regular basis. The research underlines how deep breathing exercises can help to turn the negative energy into positive one, ultimately making employees more stress-free, energetic and leading to an overall healthy body. Some of the amazing Yoga breathing exercises enlisted in the infographic include synced breathing, mindful breathing and nostril breathing.

To help your employees learn the practice of breathing exercises for work life balance, go through the creative infographic we have created just for our readers.

 Work life balance infographic

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Yoga breathing is not only beneficial for employees in recovering from body aches, and critical joint diseases like cervical spondylosis, cervical spine, slipped disc, and more; these go a long way in helping working professionals to stay active, focused, mindful, healthy and more productive at work. Not only this, employers willing to encourage a healthy workplace culture can actually visualize less absenteeism, focused employees, greater productivity and easier talent management in the organization.

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