Your coworker sitting next to you is hearing music, although she has earphones on the musical notes are still tumbling out of it. She is deep in thought, not noticing the irritation it is causing to people around her. Well, you could have some of those irritating habits too which if not disgust your coworkers can maybe spell doom for your career. If you recognize any of them in the list below, be sure to kick them out once and for all.

The Detractors
Some of you may have the habit of just doing something that has the potential to cause havoc in someone’s head. Detracting the person, keeping them away from focus and doing things that can take their ‘zone’ away from them can be disastrous. You know where it originates from? NOISES.

Stupid noises like jiggling your foot, making queer noises from your throat, tapping with something light on the table. Keep the chatting at bay when coworkers around you are talking to an important client o the phone and the background noise is a big distraction from them. Cell phone vibrations again make for irritating distracters, along with small alerts on your smartphone.

The Disgusting
Some things are best left to hygiene and all of us should conform! Clipping nails in the middle of office hours, snorting or having a running nose. All you are doing is not using your sick days and giving others a chance to use theirs. Spreading the sickness around is something nobody would like and hence you are supposed to refrain from such actions.

If you just have to come to office, keep a clean handkerchief with you. And blow your nose in the washroom – that should go unsaid.

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The Wreckage
You got to have people in your company counting on you, in order to create trust. Coming late is the first step is cracking the trust. One or two late mornings can be forgone, but if you tend to arrive late for almost everything- from meetings to trainings. You have a problem and the boss shall notice it soon.  Keep it at bay!

The cribbers are always disturbing the entire office atmosphere. The positive and happy ambience is mostly disturbed by the people to like to grumble and mumble about something or the other happening around them. Be it the management team, the boss, the client. If you are one of those who just likes to keep at it , then probably you should start internally reflecting at what you do.


Get a grip and get out of your own. Pay attention to what people around you feel, developing sensitivity and keeping a connect.



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