Candidate Sourcing Strategies

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“According to employment survey, over 800 million candidates search for a job online.”

Hiring the best candidate is certainly one of the most crucial aspects of a successful organization. “How should I bring the best talent on board?” This question strikes even the most experienced of recruiters and hiring managers today. Indeed, the age old candidate sourcing tools have taken a backseat as job-seekers have turned all the way more demanding.

This does not mean we ask you to wave off all the existing candidate sourcing strategies that you have had been executing, all we suggest is to amend them innovatively. How to do that?

Have a look below at the easiest ways to recharge your candidate sourcing strategies:

1. Candidate Outreach – Do it Right

Activities such as creating career sites, posting job ads, listing on social media are all perfect. While driving passive candidates, make sure you:

  • Make direct calls or e-mails
  • Connect personally on social platforms
  • Introduce your company to the first conversation
  • Do not give all the information to create curiosity in candidate
  • Build relationship with personal branding

2. Candidate Engagement- Be Mindful

Salary is one thing, however further tell your candidates what is that you offer which compensates the package. (Free perks & meals, flexible timings, half-yearly appraisals, etc.)

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Attend professional meet-ups and events to socialize with potential candidates. Just like you, candidates want to know about the brands they are willing to work for.

Do not forget your rejected candidates too. Keep outreaching them, ask how they are doing and discuss future openings. This will create and maintain your employer brand.

“46% of job-seekers say that brand image impacts their decision to join the company.

3. Candidate Sourcing – The Social Way

Be picture perfect. No matter how many social channels you are at, your profile picture must be standard, professional and eye-driving to potential candidates.

Join social groups, initiate social discussions, comment, like and share everything that helps you drive your potential candidates from global locations. Even the remote candidates are mobile-savvy and love to socialize on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, and so on.

Upgrade to LinkedIn’s and Twitter’s advanced candidate sourcing tool.

“As smartphones use has accelerated, the job search has shifted from desktop to mobile.”

4. Make Search Ideal – Experiments are Worth

If you are posting jobs on LinkedIn, ensure you do not exceed more than 500 characters in the mail. On Twitter, it is 140 characters per tweet. Candidates do not like to be bombarded with long e-mails, and messages.

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Focus on top keywords while searching for candidates. Once you begin finding the right candidates, improve your searches. Try changing keywords in between, not daily. While searching for resumes, try with different spellings and skillsets. This will expand your search results.

Experiment with different job titles. While doing searches for a candidate such as ‘Team Lead,’ also try different titles like, ‘Team Leader, Sales,’ and so on.

Employers must comprehend that recruitment marketing is pivotal and more challenging than candidate sourcing. To attract excellent candidates, employers must gain visibility, establish a solid employer brand, have global followership, and then the right candidate sourcing strategies fall into place.

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