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Talent Acquisition, we often used the term this year to cover some of the best topics in the recruitment industry and HR technology. When finding candidates was just not easy, we dig into some research, and brought forth the role of a talent acquisition specialist. “Who is a talent acquisition specialist?” “What are his key responsibilities?” “What is the right way for candidates to perform in a talent acquisition interview?” What are the leadership qualities every talent acquisition specialist must have? These have been some of the highlights of our latest blogs around Talent Acquisition. Details? Let’s take a look;

Blog 1: Talent Acquisition (TA) Specialist- Job Description Template”   

The thought behind launching this blog on the first place was to enlighten amateur recruiters, budding HR professionals and aspiring TA specialists to comprehend the title, role and key responsibilities, which fall under this designation- Talent Acquisition Specialist. In the corporate sector, where the role of HR evolve every now and then, recruiters are occupied in Candidate Sourcing, this title is responsible for a variety of tasks from creating an ideal recruitment strategy, to taking follow-ups with shortlisted candidates, candidate engagement to fostering relationships with staffing agencies. This blog received a massive appreciation as anyone in the HR field can extend his skills to turn into a talent acquisition specialist. The blog drove a good number of page visits in as less than 2 days. Don’t miss to check out another TA article here.

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Blog 2: The Multiple Hats of a Talent Acquisition Specialist

After releasing our previous and first blog on Talent Acquisition , we realized our readers (HR leaders, hiring managers, recruiters, HR executives, HR heads, CHRO’s) might want to understand the exact different between a recruiter and talent acquisition specialist to enhance their HR skills. For this very reason, we dig into a deeper research and launched this blog to enlighten that, “A recruiter is usually focused on filling a vacant job position and switches to the next position when one is done. On the other hand, a talent acquisition specialist creates a firm strategy to attract, engage and retain top talent.” Furthermore, the blog also highlights some of the essential skills, including experience in HR, recruiting skills, proficiency in MS Office, candidate sourcing and so on which are mandatory for a talent acquisition specialist. Employers planning to create a TA team in 2018 can look for these skills and ensure to drive top talent on board.

Blog 3: “How to Create a Strong Talent Acquisition Team?”

Finding top talent is crucial however, the task cannot bring the desired results without a strong TA team. Once you have got to know what HR skills to look forward to in the candidates, creating that ideal team is your art to play. This blog enlightened our readers with useful information about how does a strong talent acquisition team appear, with all the titles and designations employers can create. These include- HR consultants, HR executives, HR managers, sourcing specialists, talent acquisition specialists and so on. Not just this, the creative blog also gives advices to employers on what traits they can actually seek while creating a strong TA team. Those traits could be people skills, sales skills, creativity, intuitive skills, communication skills and so on. The blog gives all the information which can help employers in creating a strong recruiting team in 2018. Employers who loved this blog, actually ended up creating one for their organization. Hits in 1 day- 100.

Blog 4: “How to Answer those Simple Question asked in a Talent Acquisition Interview?”

Enough we have had covered about talent acquisition, the role and responsibilities. But, what about candidates? Do they know how do they need to perform in an interview conducted by a TA specialist and not a traditional HR manager? Well, to help our job-seekers, we made this point clear by enrolling some of the best tips for them to read through and prepare themselves for a perfect interview. Exclusively for potential candidates who visit our website to read about latest HR blogs we have in the industry, we brought forth some of the top interview questions and how they should be answered in the right way. The questions have been very basic but the way to answer them made this blog on the top reading list of our guests.

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Not only in regular time of working we focused on talent engagement strategies but on employee engagement strategies in the festive time when making them to work and retaining them for a longer haul are both challenging tasks for the HR department. The talent acquisition strategies we launched for our readers not only overwhelmed us with higher readership but we were amazed to have been flooded with our comment section along with numerable requests for similar posts which help them attract their employees. With surprising numbers, some of our best blog on TA drove over 250 visits as soon they were just published. What more!

Wrapping up Summers..!  

While, we have had our fair share of ups and downs in the year 2017, but our journey was just amazing with so many motivating posts which not only drove our readers but our writers who put their heart and soul into bringing forth some of the never read topics in the recruitment world. These blogs have not just garnered likes but with the ending of summer, have given us a goal to stay focused on what our readers love to read. Talent Sourcing is the new buzz word in the HR industry.

Do check for latest HR updates and blogs and write to us about your favorite topics in recruitment. We promise to bring it ahead.

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