New Year is almost here with its pomp and splendor, it’s time to usher in 2014 with the best of places. If you haven’t planned your New Year getaways then this might work for you. Party animals and peace lovers, there is something for everyone. Prepare your holidays well in advance, before the last minute rush gets you.

Here is a list of best getaways which might appeal to your senses-

Goa for the party animal
Hailed as the New Year capital of India, the parties there are like no other around the world. The temperature is electric and the music however much loud is soothing at the beachside. The fireworks make the evening fabulous for everyone at this great New Year destination. If you like being among people and colourful lights, this is the place to be!

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Delhi to dive into luxury
You want a taste of elite parties at expensive clubs or farmhouse parties thrown by millionaires, Delhi can become your one of the best getaways. Luxury and sophistication combines, this is one place where you start off sober and end up in the wee hours of morning with a pulsating hangover. Celebrity owned clubs and lounges always have special bookings, so if you want to dance away your New York book your space now!

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Gulmarg for the tranquil soul
This town is turned into white snow around the New York and it is immensely beautiful to just gaze at the mountains from your warm blankets with coffee in your hand. If you like having a peaceful time, away from the noisy city, Gulmarg is your hope. Spend a fine holiday with your loved ones, while you get into the celebratory mood.

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Rajasthan for a cultural extravaganza
The sands of time will take you to the New Year in the most pleasant of experiences. Rajasthan is known for its folk culture and great palaces, one of them being the Udaipur palace, which is a sight to behold when it is lit up during the night. This palace offers packages to families and couples and offers them a unique New Year experience.

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There is something for everyone this New Year, so start preparing !

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