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Employers are searching for the perfect employee all the time, and good candidates are always in demand. Despite the fact the job market seems to have thousands of people wanting jobs, the veracity is only handful of those people would fit into the “Most Desirable Candidate” category with all anticipated qualities.

Let’s take a look at the firm guidelines to become the most wanted candidate in the job market.

Every employer has had some degree of experience with bad and good employees. It is one of the reasons every employer has a decent idea what she or he wants more of.

Seven must haves to become the most desirable candidate in job market

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1. Be a Leader

In this context, leadership is irrespective of any designation or label. In the hierarchy, you can be the leader at any level. It is about how you do the things. Organisations are searching for people with excellent leadership skills, at all levels.

Key Points

  • One of the best ways to learn is to watch other leaders in your organisation
  • Always speak positively
  • Take leadership responsibilities at work
  • Attend conferences and seminars on leadership
  • Read books and journals on leadership

2. Be a Subject Matter Expert

Long gone are the days when employers look for ‘Jack of all trade and Master of none’ employees (or candidates). Here and now, ‘specialist’ are high in demand. It is imperative for you to be in the job market with something unique skill.

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Key Points

  • List down all the activities that you do in your current role and figure out one area that you want to specialise in.
  • Once you identify that area, look for the related certification programs.
  • Highlight it in your resume
  • Create the blogs digital material for free reading
  • Attend concerned events and conferences.

3. Be an Inquisitive Learner

Ronald E. Osborne once said, “Unless you do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow”. It is so true in the job market. Today, there are tens of thousands of people competition for the same position and to start to climb the corporate ladder you have to be a curious learner. Be inquisitive about your industry, ask questions and find answers.

Key Points

  • Ask more questions about related industry
  • Do self-learning courses online
  • Use the digital platforms to find answers
  • In your area of work determine to learn at least one new concept biweekly

4. Be a Team Player

The real asset of any organisation is its Human Capital. Interpersonal skills can help you go up the ladder speedily. Therefore, if you are a team player you have pretty good chances of becoming the most desirable candidate for any job opening (relevant to your education and experience). To be a good team player you must embrace the following qualities:

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– Magnanimity

– Understanding

– Leadership

– Communication skills

Key Points

  • Sincerely care for others.
  • Pay attention how you interact with the team and how they respond to you.
  • Always put the interest of team first over your personal interest.
  • Constantly try to get honest feedback and focus on areas of improvement.

5. Be a Visionary

Employers look for candidates who can have a vision and purpose not only towards their work life but also for their company and department. Here are a few essential tips help you to become a visionary.

Key Points

  • Listen to your co-workers and customers. Listening let you understand their pain points and help to develop a vision to solve those problems.
  • Read blogs, books and more books to get various perspective and build a vision.
  • Always remember negativity kills creativity. Try always to stay optimistic and speak the right words.

Most of all, it is your character, which is the sum-total of all the positive qualities mentioned above, which will have the profound effect on whether you get the job you want.

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