How to handle millenials

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How to handle millenials

Do you think Gen Y or Millennials have attitude problem? Well, no, they just come with their own working style, which the employers are not accustomed to. It is due to this difference that the issue of ‘millennial management’ comes up. Well, if you really want to work with the most connected, fresh and enthusiastic work force, you need some millennial management advice.

But, before we talk about managing millennials, it is better to have a look at what exactly are their working characteristics to make it easy to understand. Here are some quick observations:

  • Gen Y is a social generation and loves its social network. It loves to make friends with people (be it colleagues). This suggests millennials preference of working within teams.
  • Younger generation is known for its “Can-do” attitude. They love to try their hands on different tasks at work and expect a genuine feedback as well (a frequent one!). They are positive & confident.
  • ‘Ideas & innovation’. These are the two elements that make them an important part of the organization. No doubt, they look forward to guidance and structured path to work upon from their seniors but they want to reach to the results with their own perspective & ideas. (They expect respect for their ideas, & flexibility in working style)
  • And yes, sometimes one does get to feel that Gen Y lacks in patience. Well, that is probably because they have been multitasking and thus feel bored or restless when they get to work on one thing or a monotonous task.
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So these are some of the observations about Gen Y. Now, scroll down to know how to handle them to reduce attrition rate:

  • Listen them: This generation has lots of ideas & opinions, which they want others to listen. So, do listen to them and figure out what they want to make out.
  • Guide them: Plan up a guidance session for the millennials to give them the feedback for their work. Invest some time in shaping their talent & that would be good for both the organization and Gen Y retention.
  • Encourage them: The Gen Y embraces ‘Can Do’ attitude, they just need encouragement. Encourage them to go beyond their limits and come up with the idea that the organization is looking for.
  • Don’t bore them: They love multi-tasking. If they are not given multiple tasks to perform they would feel bored or impatient, which isn’t a good sign.
  • Bring fun to work: Enjoyment is what millennials look out for. If millennials are not laughing during their working hours or going to hang around after work, then that means they are actually pissed off at work.
  • Offer work life balance: Millennials feel incomplete without doing different activities in a day or week. They love to stay active in their social networks, play different sports, step out for multiple causes and lot other things. Give them space in their personal life to get the best out of them for the professional life.
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So these are some of the workable tips & tricks to handle millennial and get the best out of their talent!

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