How Digital Sourcing Can Help You Avoid Losing Talent?

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Did you know? 93% of companies and recruiters using social media — up from 82% four years earlier.

The realities of digital business transactions place most organizations on their heels. Few are ready for the business and technology shifts that will define the subsequent generation of market leaders. New technologies from social to digital to mobile to cloud to analytics – now help answer business questions.

To compete in the long term, Digital Capabilities are now a pre-requisite. Several organizations seeking to go digital are still undecided about the best way to set up their IT enterprise and develop the talent and tool required to manage digital information – establish and maintain automated processes and online services.

What most HR managers and recruiters do not acknowledge at the outset is that several of the critical resources needed to facilitate this transition will not be available in-house.

How Digital Sourcing Can Help You Avoid Losing Talent?

Nevertheless, a business requires the right amount of IT sourcing and human stewardship to seize the ring that digital business epitomizes. For instance, the right talent may be in short supply. Hence, it is imperative for distinctive experts to develop successful digital channels and offerings that can be used to reshape the candidate decision journey.

Experience Social Sourcing Beyond LinkedIn

It is critical for an organization to move one step ahead and embrace the platform of social sourcing. The grandmaster of these solutions is – LinkedIn, which sells the Recruiter tool to HR enterprises. In a Forbes article, Bersin mentioned – ‘Most recruiters and HR leaders’ feels that having a LinkedIn recruiter license is the COST-OF-ENTRY. He also added, most of the recruiters no longer see LinkedIn as a competitive advantage because everyone else has it too”.

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A whole new barrage of exciting HR tools has been created to help organizations better find and source the talent. In the technology space, remarkable tools comprise – CareerBuilder’s Social Referral, Talentstream Engage, and Broadbean Job Distribution, which are out there looking at all your social footprint to assess your technical competency – whether it is about attracting candidates, advertising your open job positions or engaging the passive candidates.

3 Ways Social Media Is Now A Recruiting Must

I. It is the best way to reach the job seekers

The count of both the young generation and the millennials increased exponentially on social media in past five years.

More than 60 percent of adults are connected to one or more social networks while 23 percent of online time is spent entirely on social networking activities.

II. Transparency goes both ways

Social Media is a comprehensive platform where recruiter and hiring managers can read each other’s social biography. Hence, the transparency works both ways.

61 percent of recruiters found something they did not like on a candidate’s social media profile, and 55 percent of HR managers re-evaluated the hire based on what they discovered.

III. Showcase your organizational culture

In recruiting and retaining the best talent, corporate culture plays a vital role. It is one robust platform to market the “employer brand”. It is found that job seekers (active or passive) look for a clear understanding of a prospective employer’s culture to measure whether or not they can see themselves enjoying becoming a part of the company & succeeding in the position.

A survey revealed that nearly 60 percent of employees are more likely to apply to an organization if it uses social media.

With the opportunities that digital platforms (social channels) has opened up for recruiters and job seekers alike, it is fair to say that the Trend of Digital Sourcing is here to stay – and even grow stronger in next three years.

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