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HR’s take employee recognition for granted thinking it is team leader’s job and team leaders ignore recognizing employees because they believe it is company’s responsibility to take care of the employees. Ultimately, employees never feel appreciated or motivated to work hard and then one fine day they leave the company.

employee recognition programs

This is a common story of every third organization, who is today trying hard to implement a strong retention strategy, but fails to identify the behind reason.

Let me simplify this for you.

Employee recognition deeply affects an employee’s performance (read : The Value Of Recognizing Employees), and here both HR and leaders have a crucial role to play. On one hand where team leaders or team managers have a direct role; HR’s have an indirect role that connects to training managers & Leaders on how to do it precisely.

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How Leaders Make People Feel Important Through Rewards and Recognition

Here are some of the ideas that leaders or managers can adopt in recognizing their employees.

  • Practice simple courtesy of basic interaction when you meet people.
  • Listen to what your coworkers, peers and staff members have to say.
  • Use powerful, positive language in your interaction with others.
  • Put praise in writing
  • Keep your commitments to staff
  • Give staff public credit for contributions
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HR’s Role in recognition & rewards:

To make a particular task done is also a biggest task. That’s what HR’s role is all about.

  • Design and implement great rewards & recognition programs.
  • Track what works and what doesn’t and use this knowledge to recommend effective changes.
  • Train managers on the organization’s recognition programs.
  • Provide coaching to managers and supervisors.


Here are few tips to rock employee recognition program. Follow these to see the magic of employee recognition.

  • Avoid being a choosy manager:

Do not be a knee jerk and feel that showing up on work on time doesn’t count for recognizing. Every behavior, attitude and habit that you expect from your employees, if met, deserves appreciation. Every small appreciation counts, so never forget to recognize deserving effort.

  • Be timely:

Anything that is not done on time does not count. So do not delay in recognizing your employees doing exemplary work and acknowledging their efforts.

  • Make it individual:

Be specific, do not follow a template to send or convey an appreciation message to every employee. Like their contribution was unique, so should be your appreciation effort.

  • Share the story:

Share the appreciated employee’s success story with others to inspire them and motivate the individual.

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