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Until a week before, there was one tiring thing that I had to do every day, for which I used to crib every time and had no other option. No! that’s not my job, I surely love it. But it’s 1 hour 34 minutes metro ride that I have to take every day to reach to office.

I have seen many people glued to their phones during this 1.34 hour ride; thanks to the smart phones that have given ample of addictive options to pass one’s free time. I am sure, I am no different because the overloaded metro simply suggests that there are lot more who have to travel long to reach their destinations. But is it really worthy of our important time? Do you think that you can come up with something great with this free time and your smart phones?

Obviously yes! Your traveling time is not a waste, and so is the App- ‘Pocket’, which can actually change your commute to work. Atleast, it has changed mine a lot. This app makes you smarter by letting you discover facts, read & know about interesting things and even ask questions without cribbing over the fact that you do not have time to uncover things.

Available for iPhone and Android, Pocket is for all those looking for ride incentive. As it doesn’t require phone network, you do not even have to worry about traveling underground or subway, where catching phone network is a big fight.

I have recently tried this app to read some of the articles that I wanted to go through from a long time, but couldn’t do so, obviously because of time crunch. I saved these articles using Pocket Chrome extension and then enjoyed reading them until I have to de board metro.

Now I no longer have to play Candy Crush or overhear those gossips about some unknown people by some equally unknown ones because I know what I need to do. Try downloading it and see if it adds worth to your travel time.

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