Android Application Developers

Android, a java based platform is one of the most popular operating systems used in Smartphone’s and tablets. Today, android developers are perhaps the hottest commodity in the technology world.

Android Application Developers

Android, ahead of all Mobile O.S

Android came into existence when the only present OS which was widely used was Symbian. Bought by Google in 2005, the revolution that Android has brought in the market is nothing less of miraculous. It has the paved the path for Google to foray into the mobile/smart phone market which is simply historic.

As per the new data, Apple’s global market share dropped to 13.2% from 16.6%, whereas Android’s global market share climbed to 79.3% from 69% last year, thus illustrating the clear cut winner in terms of market share and popularity. It is not only Apple that is facing the heat, another one Blackberry, once a market leader, devices running its software accounted for just 2.9% of the market share compared to 4.9% last year.

Some interesting facts about Android

  • There are more than 1 million android applications published in Google Play Store and more than 50 billion downloads of only Android Apps.
  • Android is an open source service with excellent user friendly interface and functions. It has the potential to augment hardware performance.
  • The first phone to launch android OS was the HTC Dream G1. The first android app to be developed was the highly popular game, Snake.
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Android Development, a Hot Profession!

The advent of android technology has set the stage for a new breed of professionals in this industry. With most of the industries jumping the bandwagon of android application development, the need of skilled android developers in India is on a full swing. The android development today has built impeccable careers in technology innovation and application development.

If you are looking forward in making a career in this field, you must also need to understand what it takes to be the best. To be an android developer, you need to have training in software development. A career in android developer is for those who-

  • Have extensive knowledge in Algorithms
  • Can think out of the box
  • Can handle the entire software development life cycle, end to end
  • Can multitask and understand the project requirements

Some Tips for New Android Application Developers

Application development is extremely exciting and creative field. Learning android is an absolute fun, given you put in your best efforts and time. Below are the some great tips which you as a fresher you may find very helpful. Take a look-

  • Stick to the android design guidelines

Google has documented a full set of guidelines that every smart application developer must follow.

  • Keep abreast with latest technological advancements
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Periodically, Google releases new updates to its current SDK which helps developers with new ways to doing things.

  • Give importance to the user input

Incorporating users suggestions, feedbacks, their demands, etc. is only going to improve your application.

  • Get in touch with fellow developers online

Internet is the most powerful platforms of this era. There are ample numbers of thriving online communities through which you can upgrade your skills and knowledge.

  • Optimize your applications

Slow performing applications are just a no no for the users, especially the one that consumes a lot of space.


Final Words

Android developer jobs promises numerous exciting opportunities. A career in android developer will not only guarantee you a secure future but will help you to carve a niche career.

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