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Thanks to Google that has taken the codes one step ahead through its android based operating system (OS) giving millions of phone brands a life and making them able to operate smoothly! Though, Android was founded in 2003 by Rich Miner, Andy Rubin Chris White and Nick Sears. They had strong ties to T-Mobile as Andy Rubin created the very famous T-Mobile Sidekick, and Nick Sears was vice president at T-Mobile. So, T-Mobile was the actual brain behind launching the first Android phone. In 2005, Google acquired Android Inc. Miner, Rubin and White all stayed with Android through the acquisition. Today, what we experience while using android based phones is because of the collective efforts of Google and the original thinkers of the android.

As market is already flooded with fascinating handsets loaded with extra-ordinary features, apps, utilities, entertainment and games, we are more greedy than ever. We always expect more features, apps, utilities and entertainment options to come. We are quite curious about updates and love to experience and carry more advanced and interesting stuffs in our mobile phones. To cater such need of ours, market requires many android and android based applications developers who can feed the curiosity of tech-savvy people with incredibles.

Some Data to Dive Into

Android based phone has the most market shares with record breaking percentage i.e. 84.6 percent according to to research by Strategy Analytics. The dominance of Google has reached new heights.

Overall worldwide smartphone shipments grew 27 percent annually to 295.2 million units from 233 million a year earlier. The growth remains strong in Asia and Africa. Though, it is reported that it was weaker in North America and Europe.

Considering the percentage, we can say that Android dominates the market. Sony and Samsung are already using it. Chinese players like ZTE and Huawai are into the race of using android as their operating system to all the mobile phones they manufacture.

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What makes the android based phone more attractive is its cost-effectiveness. You can easily buy android powered phone from Rs. Rs 3,000 to Rs 45,000. It attracts many to use phones based on this very user-friendly and interesting operating system. What is more surprising for the users about this operating system; a costly phone and a cost-effective phone have the same operating system offered in different brands. Android is just not for costly phones!


Career in Android Development

We can see apparent rise in Android developer jobs. Many companies hire experienced and freshers to create applications for Android based phones. Android has given youngsters one more career possibility to choose and locate one of the highly-paid jobs as android developer. There are three kinds of career possibilities available for C++ and Java people who want pursue android as their career goal:

App Developer

Android has allowed many small and major scale companies to start their own platforms to develop different kinds of android apps, games and utilities. You have an abundance of career possibilities and can easily find android developer jobs. Many ecommerce websites who do have very robust desktop and mobile phone versions want to develop apps to facilitate android phone users to access their websites and perform purchase and make transactions easily.

A complicated ecommerce website becomes very user-friendly when it has an android version for android phone users. You too can sharpen your skills in one of the companies that provides outsourcing services to others. You will be able to learn more as you have to deal with different kinds of projects. It will polish your skills.

Some of the major app development companies where you can try your luck:

  • OpenXcell
  • Sourcebits
  • QBurst
  • Affle AppStudioz
  • Contus
  • Konstant Infosolutions
  • TechAhead
  • Cygnet Infotech Pvt. Ltd
  • Riktam Technologies
  • Arkenea LLC
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Jobs in Google

Hard work never goes in vain. If you are a person with a right technical brain and you have knowhow of Android. What best it could be than getting hired in the Google itself. Google offers great remuneration packages to its developers. In fact, life turns out to be a boon at Google. Google has one of the toughest selection procedures. You have to be aware about it and prepare accordingly if you are seeing Google as your dream company.

Self App Development

Otherwise, you can individually start to develop different apps if you have something interesting in your mind. You can work as a freelancer for companies and can develop apps for them. Working as a freelancer gives you a flexibility to work. You can plan your schedule of work.

Several app development companies develop apps, but only few get recognition. You can check different available apps and utilities on the Google Play store who have successfully convinced the users. You should take some inspiration from the available resources if you have decided to be an independent app developer.

Here are some of the best apps that have created a lot of buzz in the market:

AppLock Clean Master DashLight
GasBuddy Google Goggles Google Translate
Guitar Tuner Free Helium Smart Tools
Valet Wrap up Spotify

Best Jobs Possibilities by Countries

If you are looking for best-paid Android developer jobs, the following chart will help you choose the best destination at international level. The countries shown in the list is a result of data available on some of the job portals that reveals the countries where maximum numbers of Android developer jobs available. It is completely up to your decision. You need to do a research before considering any specific country where you want to settle down as an android developer. Please have a look on the countries:

  • UK
  • India
  • US
  • Germany
  • Canada
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Salary Offered

The average annual salary package offered to an android software developer in the UK, India, the US, Germany and Canada are £35,466, Rs 246,852, $77K, €46,064 and C$61,026 respectively as per data collected by payscale. This data is a result of survey conducted on individuals who belong to android development field. The salary offered to professionals is highly influenced on the basis of experience and knowledge of MySQL, . NET, SQL, Eclipse Java IDE, and C#. Please have a look on different graphs to understand the average salaries offered to individuals in the above said countries. It will give you an idea about the remuneration packages different professionals are getting in different countries.















We are always hopeful about more technological happenings in the mobile phone industry. We believe in more to come to surprise us. We should congratulate researchers and developers who have made it possible to provide us a magical operating system – Android. Still, there are several possibilities left to be done for android based phone. Maybe, we see a completely different avatar of android operating system in future. Considering the facts and anticipation, career in android application development and android development is very lucrative.


Android has given a new rise to the IT sector that is considered as one of the top-paid jobs now. Interesting apps, games and utilities are always welcome and offer ample scope to the developers in the forms of best-paid android developer jobs. If you too are one of the diploma and degree holders in Java, you too can become an android developer and see you growing. Put your best foot forward to choose the best location. Choosing android development as a career is a very fruitful deal. Rest is your luck. All the best!


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