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Whether to join or not, if you are dicey about whether to join a startup or continue to work with the corporate, this Good Vs Bad of the startup world can help you take a better decision for your career. Check out these points to identify what is right for you.



Work Environment:

Informal atmosphere, flat hierarchies, open mindedness are some terms that perfectly describe work environment at a Startup. So, if you are bored of your organization’s formal work environment, then Startups have a better place to work at for you.

Real ownership & Results:

By working at a Startup, you can have a freedom to work. If you have an idea, execute it, and come up with the results. There is no need to follow a hierarchy and take multiple approvals. In case, your idea is a big hit, just enjoy the equity.


Startup gives you ample of opportunities to take decisions and that too quickly. This would not just help you in learning but also help in gaining experience in case you have plans to initiate your own startup.

Sense of Accomplishment:
Working at a startup gives tremendous & quantifiable impact. Startups give you a position to be an integral part of the system that plays an important part in the fine working of the business. The sense of accomplishment one gets from this is something that money can’t buy.

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Diverse Work Day :

Work day at startup is not like 9-5 corporate job. You do not have to go to office to do the defined tasks & come back home. Instead every day, in fact every minute can be unpredictable about work. There are different clients and different work, and you would have to manage all simultaneously. So, one another best aspect about working at a start-up is, you won’t be bored!

The bad side:

Lack of structure: Due to inexperience of leadership, if management loses sight of team/cost/communication of strategy with investment, then one has to face the consequences and bear the burden.

Perk-less salaries: Yes, startups have fund raising issues. So, do not expect big salary package in the beginning. There is even no scope of any sort of perks or monetary benefits in the initial years of the Startup.

Lack of work life balance: Startup also means a lot of work, which demands extended work hours. You might enjoy flexibility in work style, however it would surely demand more time from you. So, be prepared to give extended working hours to your job and compromise with work life balance at initial stage of startup.

Job insecurity: Your career is directly proportional to the growth of the company. If its future at stake, so is your career. Chances of instability are thus high with startup companies.

Now that you know the good and bad side of working at startups, take decisions wisely and then work hard to enjoy success.

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