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In the 21st century scenario, everyone is going social. The emergence of social media has out blown most of the industries and has compelled recruiters to hire through social media platforms. Devising social media strategy can certainly go miles in enhancing the careers of professionals.

Career Search Tips

Have a look on the OPPORTUNITIES that lay within

  • Comprehensive network

Job seekers, employees and recruiters can get in touch with people of the same or similar background and extend their professional network with an aim to get visualized. Whether it is Twitter you are comfortable at or LinkedIn, every social media platform gives an opportunity to interact and grow your network.

  • Seek vacant jobs

Today, most of the companies make use of social media channels to advertise their job descriptions. Especially, companies with low budget can make use of this free to use platform where the chances of reaching out to the masses are higher than any other platform. That hence, opens an opportunity for job seekers to create their professional profiles, upload their resumes and connect with people in the management, HR, recruitment team.

  • Portray yourself as a subject matter expert:
    Inaugurating yourself as a subject matter expert is a smart way to reach out to businesses, recruiters and employers who are looking out for such talent. When you start commenting on significant topics of a particular industry and share your views via blogs, votes, posts, tweets, and more, you tend to establish yourself as a subject expert. Contribute in group discussions, put forth your ideas and come forward as an easy to approach person, it will ultimately improve your visibility and chances of being called from a branded organization.
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Have a look on the CHALLENGES

If social media can make your personal brand, it can aggravate the same as well. Keeping this in view, consider the pointers to retain your dignity at any social media platform:

  1. Make posts that are appropriate

Post only what’s appropriate- If you do not want your family members to see, don’tgo for such posts.

  1. Keep it professional

While, there is a wider room for personal activity at social media channels, the advice is to keep the ‘personal stuff’ at a minimum. There is no harm in expressing your personal views on your social media platform, but sometimes being too personal can dilute your personal brand.

  1. Know your focus industry:

During your job search phase via social media, it is wise to post on topics specific to your industry. This does not mean you can never peep into any other segment, it only means you are focused on what social media activity can bring you the best results in terms of a job.


With the number of users of Social media platforms growing by leaps and bounds, more and more recruiters and agencies are finding the right mix of people from their listed requirements. It also gives them the right opportunity and window to showcase the employer brand to the right audience.

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